FEFFFestival Européen du Film Fantastique (French: European Fantastic Film Festival)
FEFFFar East Film Festival
FEFFFree Energy Force Field
FEFFFlorida Education Freedom Foundation
FEFFFail Early Fail Fast (pharmaceutical industry)
FEFFFuture Engineering Faculty Fellowship Program (Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Office of Naval Research)
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The single biggest change for us in recent years has been the increased level of competition from other festivals," says FEFF president Sabrina Baracetti.
The sharp contraction of the Hong Kong film industry in the past several years has also hit the festival hard, as this is the territory where the FEFF has maintained its closest ties.
This year, special screenings of major commercial films from Asia will take place over two nights at Venice, presented in partnership with the FEFF.
A comparison of the present data with the results of FEFF is shown in Fig.
6 along with those of the FEFF calculation and previous experimental results [9].
The similarity of the FEFF results and the IPA are notable, as they were for tungsten.
In order to get a good ensemble average over the inequivalent sites of the CRN, we ran the same Feff calculation over a total of 20 sites in the CRN.
We have previously studied (54) the scaling of Feff with the number of processors and found that the runtime scales as 0.
To achieve faster speeds in FEFF, NIST researchers developed a parallel version.
The starting point for "parallelizing" Feff was to determine which parts of the code were the most time consuming.
7 % of the existing single-processor code of Feff unchanged.