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FEHMFinite Element Heat and Mass
FEHMFolded-Cascode Even Harmonic Mixer
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Social anxiety is typically more prevalent in women than in men (Wittchen & Fehm, 2003), and self-esteem also manifests differences by gender (Harter, 1999; Mruk, 2006).
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Fehm & colleagues (25), using a multivariate analysis, concluded that when serum Her-2/neu results were adjusted for tumour load with CA15-3, serum Her-2/neu remained an independent marker of tumour aggressiveness and reflected the biologic behaviour of the tumour.
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Fehm and Schmidt (2006) found that highest level of PA was caused by the presence of teachers and professors in the audience that participants ascribed to their professional knowledge (36.
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Consistent with the results of these reported studies, a number of researchers have used felt arousal as the sole measure of physiological arousal (Kerr & Tacon, 1999; Kerr, Yoshida, Hirata, Takai, & Yamazaki, 1997; Pietrowsky, Rudolf, Molle, Fehm, & Born, 1997).
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