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FWForsaken World (gaming)
FWFillet Weld (metallurgy)
FWFloquet Wave
FWFlash Welding
FWFree Weezy
FWFeable Weiner (band)
FWFar Westerns (United States Swimming meet)
FWFinnWars (Battlefield 1942 game modification)
FWFrostwolf Graveyard (World of Warcraft battleground slang)
FWFresh Weigh (or whole/wet Weight of plant or animal tissue)
FWField Work Proposal
FWFurniture West, Inc.
FWFlag Writer
FWFiscal Week
FWFree Will
FWFreelance Whales (band)
FWFlorida Waterfowler (online hunting forum)
FWFederal Works Agency
FWFire Water
FWField Wiring
FWFoul Water (construction drawings)
FWFireWire (Apple/TI high-speed serial bus; IEEE 1394 standard)
FWFederal Way (Washington)
FWFoster Wheeler Corporation (boiler manufacturer)
FWFifth Wheel
FWField Weld
FWFormula Weight
FWFlutewise (UK)
FWFlywheel (automotive)
FWFatwallet.com (website)
FWFeldwebel (German)
FWFuture Wife
FWFeed Water
FWFighter Wing
FWFilament Winding
FWFixed Wing
FWFocke-Wulf (German aircraft manufacturer)
FWFresh Water
FWFull Wave
FWWhite cap (or weather) correction factor
FWFort Wayne (Indiana)
FWFort Worth (Texas)
FWFlat Washer
FWFaceoffs Won (hockey)
FWFates Warning (band)
FWFusion Workstation
FWFairway Wood (golf club)
FWFats Waller (pianist/composer)
FWFloor Waste (environment)
FWForest Whitaker (actor)
FWFlood Warning (National Weather Service advisory)
FWFouls Won (soccer)
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Not only does she offer proof Adolf Hitler's deputy did not spend the night, the writer also sheds light on the infamous murder of German interpreter Feldwebel Wolfgang Rosterg and the escape tunnels hidden deep below the camp.
As the Flik 14/J pilots were returning to base, however, they were jumped at 0730 hours by Camels of 66 Squadron and in the next five minutes Birks destroyed two of them, killing the commander, Oberleutnant Karoly Benedek, and Feldwebel Ferdinand Czerny.
Feldwebel Ruhle, who stood in the ventral gun position, was ripped apart.
But if any Feldwebel in the Panzerkorps were asked his opinion of its probability, he likely would have replied: "Only the Russians would be foolish enough to start an offensive in a January like this one
Its pilot was Feldwebel Joachim Lehnis and there were three other crew members.
Er zeigte den Fahrausweis vor, and seine Empfindung war, dass der Sperrenwachter ihn nackt sah, so wie Gefangniswarter and Feldwebel den ihnen ausgelieferten Menschen vor seiner Einkleidung zu Haft and Sterben sehen.
STN Atlas, a Rheinmetall subsidiary, will have delivered the first of its new LeFlaSys air defence systems to the German Bundeswehr by the time these lines are read, with the official roll-out already scheduled for 27 June at the Feldwebel Schmid barracks in Rendsburg -- home to the German Army air defence school.
Feldwebel Eric Bartel, who served as a Jagdgeschwader mechanic for much of the war, recalled that after just 17 days' action his staffel of 12 Bf 109Es from JG 77 had been reduced to just 5 or 6, including spares, mainly through mechanical failures and normal wear and tear, rather than enemy action.
When a feldwebel leading his platoon got within hailing distance, Luke replied with several rounds of .
In the story the young German, Feldwebel, who seems to be infatuated with the narrator's sister, never manages to reach out to her, nor does she dare to show any recognition of his courting; his affection, unfulfilled, may have ended with his life somewhere near Tolbukhin or Stalingrad, while she, unmarried, has "died of cancer before she turned thirty.
The Feldwebel (sergeant) was trying to carry out a head count.