FELSFarm Employers Labor Service (subscriber organization; California Farm Bureau Federation)
FELSFaculty of Education and Language Studies (The Open University; Milton Keynes, UK)
FELSFederation Early Learning Services (Broomall, PA)
FELSFurther Education Leavers Survey (UK)
FELSFirst English Language School (Bulgaria)
FELSFar East Livingston Shipyard (Singapore)
FELSFunction-Embedded Listening Skills
References in classic literature ?
I suppose my horse fel at least a dozen times, and sometimes the whole six horse were floundering in the mud together.
The second contract is between Keppel FELS and Diamond Offshore for the upgrade of the drilling semisubmersible rig Ocean Onyx.
Diets planned from updated and locally relevant FELs have the benefit of greater acceptance with better chance of being implemented with success, thus aiding elimination of adherence related issues such as limited food items in the food exchange list, fewer options and unrealistic portion sizes.24
The total value of a Fels commuter scholarship is $16,000 with over 98 recipients to date.
In the FEL, electrons are stripped from their atoms.
J Ray and Keppel FELS plan to draw upon the purchased patent rights previously owned by ABB for the Extended Tension Leg Platform (ETLP[R]) and Single Column Floater (SCF[R]) designs.
Animal remains and ivory-working debris in Hohle Fels and the other German caves indicate that they were occupied repeatedly in the winter and spring.
"We've created an atmosphere that reminds me of what boutiques were like when I was young...where customers want to hang around with a nice, easy-going staff" says Fels, 41.
In essence, apart from the creation of suitable optics, a full understanding and mastery of the thermal blooming phenomena are the two major obstacles in creating high-power FELs. What has been achieved so far in SDI research may indeed be called spectacular.
The official record was awarded by Guinness after it completed a thorough assessment of supporting documentation provided by Keppel FELS.
Fels at a dedication ceremony for the new, nearly $9 million Boys & Girls Club of Webster-Dudley.
More immediately competitive with MIRACL, according to both Miller and Marquet, is the free-electron laser (FEL).