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FEMBOTFemale Robot (Bionic Woman TV show)
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The puzzling thing is that Sophia is a robot, even more human-looking than the archetypal female robot in Fritz Lang's expressionist masterpiece, Metropolis.
Sophia, a female robot built by Hanson Robotics, was the first robot granted a full citizenship by Saudi Arabia.
A20-50 said there are other robots like him operating in the field of media, including Jiang Lailai, a stunning humanoid female robot also powered by AI, who hosts various shows with her human colleagues.
An experimental female robot is being tested for possessing intelligence.
Earlier in March 2018, Titan the robot was also spotted at the International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience Conference in Abu Dhabi, where he was smitten by a female robot who was also participating at the event.
They welcome customers and serve meals with exotic drinks on tables.A female robot at the reception gives a response to customersaACAO queries and guides them about their table numbers.
Along with Nila (a female robot played by Amy Jackson, the British model turned Indian actress), Vaseegaran sets to work in a nail-biting adventure with plenty of special effects.
Many were awed by Meiji Shrine, and mesmerized by a very human-looking female robot at a department store, welcoming shoppers in a clear voice, and moving realistically.
Set in a retro-futuristic backdrop, Concepcion invents a female robot in the form of Valenciano that brings him conflict as he appears attracted to it.
Antagonists include a female robot named Rap Punz L, another robot named Ol' Dirty Laundry, and a teddy bear-ish baddie named Teddy Backspin.
From the very first scene, in which it's implied a life-like female robot has been dragged off to be raped, the upcoming HBO series has prompted critics to suggest that the levels of sexual violence might even exceed that of other controversial US shows like Game of Thrones.
Engineers in China have created a highly realistic female robot specially designed to interact with humans in a submissive manner.
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