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The Boston Center became a member of the national network of Feminist Women's Health Centers (FWHC), joining California clinics in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, and Chico, and those in Detroit, Atlanta, and Tallahassee.
For a description of the procedures in a well-woman clinic, see Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers. How to Stay Out of the Gynecologist's Office (Hollywood, Calif.: Women to Women Publications, 1981), and the manual called the "Black Book." Well Woman Health Care in Woman Controlled Clinics (Los Angeles: Feminist Women's Health Center, 1976); on feminist self-help treatments, see Chris Nelson, Self-Help Home Remedies (Chico, Calif.: Chico Feminist Women's Health Center, 1977).
Francie Hornstein, Carol Downer, and Shelly Farber, "Self Help and Health: A Report," mimeograph (Washington Women's Self Help and Los Angeles Feminist Women's Health Center, 1976).
She also worked with the Los Angeles Feminist Women's Health Center in making the vaginal self-exam film A New View of Myself (1975) and later became famous for her documentary Chicana (1979).
As a young activist writing Abortion Without Apology I met women who pioneered the feminist women's health centers in the 1970s.
My work at the Feminist Women's Health Centers has provided me with the tools and skills to create social change, through self-help workshops, young women's leadership programs and grassroots organizing.
In response, the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) and Atlanta Feminist Women's Health Center (FWHC) collaborated to create a brochure for men who find themselves in the waiting room of a reproductive health facility, whether the man is a partner, father, friend, or relative.
Before Dazon Dixon Diallo was known as an outspoken educator and advocate for women affected by HIV/AIDS, she began her career at the Atlanta Feminist Women's Health Center. During her time there, Dazon witnessed the harmful effects of poverty and a lack of education on women's sexual health.
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