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FFYFederal Fiscal Year
FFYFuneral for You (band)
FFYFoundation for Youth (Columbus, IN)
FFYFriends For Youth
FFYFédération Française de Yoga (French: French Yoga Federation)
FFYFend for Yourself
FFYFalling for You (band)
FFYFortunately for You
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And so I wish you good-bye, Master Marner; and if you ever feel anyways bad in your inside, as you can't fend for yourself, I'll come and clean up for you, and get you a bit o' victual, and willing.
Obama's speech to the UN last September made it clear that America will be concentrating exclusively on Palestine and Iran, and for everywhere else -- Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Mali, Iraq, Egypt, and so on -- you will have to fend for yourself," the prince said.
Just having to completely fend for yourself in another language, moving into a new apartment, buying all your furniture through the medium of French is tough, because the language side of my brain isn't the best.
Moving out of home didn't help because you are more independent and have to fend for yourself - you can't go home and expect someone else to cook for you.
Without guanxi, you were alone, out to fend for yourself.
There was an exposure of having to fend for yourself rather than having other programmes keeping your show going.
But away from the state-centred solutions, we should also have regard for the role of individual responsibility, not fend for yourself but be responsible for yourself, as parental lifestyle choices impact on children.
I learned a lot about myself as a person moving away from home at a young age, having to fend for yourself.
There is no social security in most parts of Africa, so if you are disabled or ill, you just have to fend for yourself.
IT'S A nice game premise, this, made all the more relevant by the current focus on climate change, as you try to fend for yourself in a city surrounded by mountains, ocean, and rivers that are experiencing torrential rain.
Once you've completed a search, there's another problem: YSS is the lowest level of gateway; it drops you at the doorstep of the partner service to fend for yourself.