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The findings of the NASA-funded experiment, published in the December 2012 issue of the journal BMC Plant Biology, are of particular interest to "space agriculturalists," Ferl added, as they suggest that plants could likely be cultivated in low-gravity environments, such as on a long-term mission to Mars, or in reduced-gravity environments such as in specialized greenhouses on Mars or the moon.
Will their roots still work right in a fractional gravity environment?" Ferl asked.
These were a Podsol (Pod1) from the Poona region (~200km north of Brisbane), and a Ferrosol (Ferl) from the Kingaroy region (~300kin north-west of Brisbane).
Javitt et al., "Cloning: A Policy Analysis" (2005) Genetics and Public Policy Centre, online: <http://www.pewtrusts.org/pdf/GPPC_Cloning_0505.pdf> [Javitt et al., "Cloning"]; VCU Centre for Public Policy: Survey and Evaluation Research Laboratoty (FERL), "2006 Virginia Commonwealth University Life Sciences Survey" (2006), online: <http://www.vcu.edu/lifesci/centers/cen_lse_surveys.html>[VCU, "2006 Virginia"].
Mucho se ha escrito en estos ultimos diez anos sobre dicha cuestion, utilizando siempre como base los trabajos de Hildreth, Borgman, Hancock-Beaulieu (Miller, 1997; Beheshti, 1997; Jimenez Pelayo y Bonachera Cano, 1997; Bangalore, 1997; Connaway, Johnson y Searing, 1997; Stone, 1996; Wool, 1996; Ferl y Millsap, 1996; Hsieh-Yee, 1996; Ayres, Ridley y Nielsen, 1996; Anderson, 1995; Marchionini, 1995; etc.).
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Rob Ferl, assistant director of UF's biotechnology program, and a team of molecular biologists chose the Arabidopsis mustard plant as their Mars subject because its maximum height is 8 inches, its Life cycle is one month and its entire genome has been mapped.
In their study of the transaction logs generated by remote users of the MELVYL system, Millsap and Ferl (1993) found that remote users seemed to have difficulties constructing search arguments acceptable to the system, typing their arguments correctly, choosing search terms that resulted in some retrievals but not too many, and choosing the appropriate database.
La premiere entite creee, denommee Societe nationale du fer et de l'acier Ferl, a un capital social de depart fixe a 200 millions de dinars.
The highest values in amended Podl and Ferl soils were 2.5 and 3.8, observed for 5% w/w FAP1, and 2.1 and 2.5mg/kg, observed for 5% FA1 treatments.
Numerosos estudios han demostrado un marcado rechazo de los usuarios de catalogos en linea a utilizar los operadores booleanos) con lo cual se desaprovecha el recurso tal vez mas potente de la computadora (Ensor, 1992; Fidel, 1991; Millsap y Ferl, 1993; Olsen et al., 1989; Peters, 1989).