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FLTFoundation for the Law of Time (Ashland, OR)
FLTFaith, Love, and Trust
FLTFriendship, Love and Truth (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
FLTFork Lift Truck
FLTFédération Luxembourgeoise de Tennis (French: Luxembourg Tennis Federation; Luxembourg)
FLTFairlight (software cracking group)
FLTFaculdade Luterana de Teologia (Portuguese: Lutheran School of Theology; Brazil)
FLTFuzzy Logic Toolbox
FLTFile Lifecycle Tracking
FLTFile Filter
FLTFirst Level Technology
FLTFull Line Terminal
FLTFermat's Last Theorem
FLTFrontal Lobe Type
FLTFreelancers Team
FLTFirst Lieutenant
FLTForeign Language Teaching (education)
FLTFirstline Therapy (therapeutic lifestyle change program for chronic diseases of aging)
FLTFinger Lakes Trail (footpath; New York)
FLTFermat's Little Theorem
FLTFull Liner Terms (charter)
FLTFull Length Transcript (genetics)
FLTFull Load Torque
FLTFairfield Language Technologies
FLTFull Line Terminal (Cisco)
FLTForest Leadership Team
FLTFeels Like Today (song)
FLTFunny Little Thing (OS bugs during Apollo G/S development)
FLTFrequency Line Tracker
FLTFirstline Trust (CIBC Mortgages and Lending subsidiary, Toronto, Canada)
FLTFunctional Level Test
FLTFoothills Land Trust (est. 2002)
FLTFriday Lunchtime Talk
FLTHarley-Davidson Tour Glide motorcycle model
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An issue of Scientific American noted that squaring the circle is "known to be impossible, and so any purported solutions can be rejected out of hand." So has Fermat's last theorem been proved, or has it not?
Wiles completed the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem with the aid of elliptic curves.
We hope that sometime in the near future these questions will be answered as the famous Fermat's Last Theorem did.
What if he says he'll tell you where the bomb is if someone will explain the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, in words he can understand?
THE formula makes Fermat's Last Theorem look like the Two Times Table, but Paull Khan, director of racing at Weatherbys, helpfully provides a layman's version.
Fermat's Last Theorem (FLT)--When n > 2, the equation [x.sup.n] + [y.sup.n] = [z.sup.n] has no nontrivial integer solutions.
When in 1993 Andrew Wiles worked out his proof of Fermat's last theorem ([x.sup.n] + [y.sup.n] = [z.sup.n] has no non-zero integer solutions for x, y, and z when n > 2), many nonmathematicians could not follow the proof, but that did not stop them from hailing it as a great achievement.
Fermat's Last Theorem was, until recently, one of the great unproven conjectures.
With the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem in 1994, Derbyshire says, "the Riemann Hypothesis is now the great white whale of mathematical research." Even before that, it was regarded by mathematicians as the more significant problem--though not as old as FLT, it is more central to mathematics and probably a good deal harden
DELIGHT: These lads have just solved Fermat's Last Theorem before supper
Though Fermat's Last Theorem has been proven by Andrew Wiles in 1995, this book uses simple proof the make Wiles' proof understandable to the average person with an interest in FLT.