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FNCFerritic Nitrocarburizing (chemical process)
FNCFestival du Nouveau Cinéma (French: Festival of New Cinema; Canada)
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FNCFederal National Council (United Arab Emirates; est. 1971)
FNCFunded Nursing Care (UK)
FNCFarmers National Company (est. 1929)
FNCFunction Code
FNCFederal Networking Council
FNCFabula Nova Crystallis (Final Fantasy)
FNCFédération Nationale des Chasseurs (French: National Federation of Hunters)
FNCFédération Nationale de la Coiffure (French: National Federation of Hairdressing)
FNCFujitsu Network Communications
FNCFédération Nationale du Cheval (French: National Horse Federation)
FNCFédération Nationale des Combattants (French: National Federation of Fighters; Belgium)
FNCForme Normale Conjonctive (French: Conjunctive Normal Form)
FNCFederación Nacional Campesina (Spanish: National Peasant Federation; Paraguay)
FNCFish 'n' Chips
FNCFuture Naval Capability
FNCFabrique Nationale Carabine (French: assault rifle; Liège, Belgium)
FNCFriday Night Cranks (Twitter)
FNCFirst Nations Council (Canada)
FNCForeign Names Committee (BGN)
FNCFamilial Neonatal Convulsion (epilepsy)
FNCFunchal, Madeira Islands, Portugal - Funchal (Airport Code)
FNCFlorida National Cemetery
FNCFrazer-Nash Consultancy, Limited
FNCFiche de Non-Conformité (French: Non-Compliance Report)
FNCFamily Nurse Clinician
FNCFrogans Network Certificate
FNCFinancial Neural Computing (Oxford, MS)
FNCFederacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Columbia (Spanish: National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia)
FNCFacial Nerve Center (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)
FNCFDMA Network Controller
FNCFreethinkers of Northern Colorado (Loveland, CO)
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Ferritic nitrocarburizing (sometimes abbreviated FNC) is a case hardening processes that diffuses nitrogen and carbon into ferrous metals at sub-critical temperatures during a salt bath.
The ferritic nitrocarburizing finish isn't a coating, but rather a chemical diffusion of carbon atoms into steel.
Founded in 1946, the company pioneered advancements in ferritic nitrocarburizing with the development of the H&M Blacknitride+[TM] process.
Atmosphere Annealing has more than 400,000 tons of installed heat treating capacity including annealing, ferritic nitrocarburizing, normalising, and quench and temper processing for various industries, including automotive, light and heavy truck, agriculture, and energy.
Tenifer is a liquid ferritic nitrocarburizing process that was created to improve wear by resisting scuffing and corrosion.
"NiCorr" is a trademarked name for ferritic nitrocarburizing, a case hardening treatment that is tougher than Parkerizing.
In its production of cast components, AEP uses a significant amount of nitrogen for isothermal annealing and ferritic nitrocarburizing. The facility also uses nitrogen as a pressurizing gas during pouring and as a blanket gas to prevent oxidation during heat treatment.
Pye, Practical Nitriding and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, Materials Park, Ohio, Ohio, USA, 2003.
Editor Totten (Portland State U.) presents 13 separately authored chapters that discuss steel nomenclature; classification and mechanisms of steel transformation; fundamental concepts in steel heat treatment; effects of alloying elements on the heat treatment of steel; hardenability; steel heat treatment; heat treatment with gaseous atmospheres; nitriding techniques, ferritic nitrocarburizing, and austenitic nitrocarburizing techniques and methods; quenching and quenching technology; distortion of heat-treated components; tool steels; stainless steel heat treatment; and heat treatment of powder metallurgy steel components.
Provides Dyna-Blue mold treatment, a low-temperature ferritic nitrocarburizing process that hardens the metal surface and adds lubricity and release properties.
Technically, it's a QPC ("quench, polish, quench") ferritic nitrocarburizing (nitriding) process.
Another third of the book--the chapters on steel nomenclature; heat treatment with gaseous atmospheres; nitriding techniques, quenching and quenching technology; and ferritic nitrocarburizing, and austenitic nitrocarburizing techniques and methods--have undergone extensive revision.