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In the case of fetal heart beat observation, KCL was injected; and, in the case of no heart beat detection, local MTX was used.
8; Source: and absence of fetal heart beat (DesCoteaux et al., 2006).
Concurrent saline injection to the location of the fetal heart beat and/or KCl into the fetal body also increase the curative effect by decreasing fetal viability.
Historically, intermittent auscultation meant a very irregular check of the fetal heart beat and the auscultated fetal heart rate was described as a single number in beats per minute i.e 136bpm (Goodwin, 2000).
Their average slope, 220 mIU/mL, was reported as 9.16 times higher than the slope in patients who did not have a fetal heart beat at the end of the first trimester.
13) and Nurse Brookes, who was assisting Nurse Adrian, recorded a fetal heart beat of 103.
The recording of fetal heart beat on this day was considered as a landmark for the identification of conceptus and confirmation of fetal viability.
From the repetition feature of heart sound, it can be concluded that the width of the sliding window must be greater than two cardiac cycles to ensure that the fetal heart beats at least two times in the window.
The dataset contains five abdominal measurements of 20 min each on pregnant women at full gestation (39 weeks and 4 days [+ or -] 12 days) with a total of 7,148 maternal and 13,612 fetal heart beats, as well as 35 uterine contractions.