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FUOFever of Unknown Origin
FUOFever of Undetermined Origin
FUOFever of Uncertain Origin
FUOFollow-up Output
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Patients of all ages and both sexes diagnosed as having fever of unknown origin were included in the study.
Although used predominantly in non-critically ill patients with a fever of unknown origin, the few studies which have addressed its use in intensive care have been extremely promising, reporting both positive and negative predictive values of [greater than or equal to] 90%.
A look at the change in frequency of paediatric cases referred for common problems like acute gastroenteritis, ARI, severe anaemia and fever of unknown origin deemed fit by the child specialist to be admitted for indoor care reveals a 28% decrease in the total number of admissions though the dependant population parameters remained the same.
A comprehensive evidence-based approach to fever of unknown origin.
Adult-onset Still's disease in the etiology of fever of unknown origin and review of the literature.
Pooled analysis of 857 published adult fever of unknown origin cases in Turkey between 1990-2006.
As a result, she was diagnosed with fever of unknown origin and evacuated to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for further evaluation.
Radiologists, surgeons, nuclear medicine physicians, and other physicians from Europe, South America, Israel, and the US cover the epidemiology of infections; clinical aspects of bacterial osteomyelitis; and the radiological imaging and nuclear medicine imaging of osteomyelitis, spine infections, spondylodiscitis, soft tissue infections, abdominal infections and inflammatory disease, vascular graft infection, tuberculosis and HIV, and fever of unknown origin.
The combination of information on areas of increased metabolic activity with anatomical localisation makes F-18 FDG-PET/CT an excellent tool for investigating fever of unknown origin.
An 80-year-old male patient was referred to our Institution for fever of unknown origin, disorientation, and recent onset of dyspnea (Euroscore: 10).