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FiO2Fraction of Inspired Oxygen
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dakika Apgar skoru, antenatalsteroid uygulanmasi, oksijen tedavi suresi, maksimum FiO2, ventilator tedavi suresi, IVK, BPD ve hastanede kalis suresi anlamli olarak yuksek saptandi (Tablo 4).
Percentage of oxygen to be delivered (FiO2)###5 (4.5%)###105 (95.5%)
The present case required 40% FiO2 to maintain the essential oxygen saturation and early withdrawal from mechanical ventilation was indispensable to perform the following chemotherapy.
P102 = FIO2 (PB-47) = 0.21 (760-47 = 0.21 (713) = 149.7 PIO2 = partial pressure of inspired O2 FIO2 = fractional concentration of inspired O2 PB = barometric pressure 47 = partial pressure of water vapor If air bubbles are present in a blood gas sample, equilibrium of gases between the sample and air occurs, but no matter how large the bubble or no matter how much mixing is done, the combined PO2 and PCO2 can not exceed 150 mmHg at sea level and at normal barometric pressure.
Por ejemplo, al observar la presentacion de NVPO y la FiO2 se encuentra que a menor FiO2 menor frecuencia de NVPO.
Table 1: Various Oxygen delivery patient interfaces Device Flow * FIO2 Appropriate use LPM range (%) Nasal cannula 1/4-8 22-45 Long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) patients Transtracheal 1/4-4 22-45 Patients who do not accept catheter cannulae, high-flow requirements Reservoir 1/4-4 22-35 LTOT patients cannula Simple mask 6-12 35-50 Acute short-term therapy requiring moderate FIO2 Reservoir 6-10 35-60 Emergencies, acute hypoxemia, mask moderate FIO2 Non-rebreather 10-15 80-100 Emergencies, respiratory mask failure Source: Guide to Prescribing Home Oxygen by Thomas L.
Lactate Hb Ht MCV Plat WBC Neutr Lymph Mono Na K 12.7 34.9 78.8 292 20.7 89.1 3.9 6.5 134 3.8 CI CO2 BUN Creat Glue Alb Ca Mg Phos Lactate 91 20 9.6 0.83 118 4.7 9.4 2.4 3.0 1.6 CPK U/A INR Toxicology pH pCO2 pO2 5,906 Blood: Large 1.21 BNDZ 188 7.46 30.9 567.1 HCO3 O2Sat FiO2 CSF Cell Count CSF RBC CSF Glucose 21.8 100 1.0 5 3-fresh 74 CSF TP CSF GS CSF India Ink 29.5 Negative Negative
A few hours later, his oxygen saturations (O2 sats) dropped to 71% on FiO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen) of 100%.
It is assumed that amiodarone sensitizes patients who are at high oxygen (O2) concentrations and high inspired oxygen (FiO2), or increased sensitivity to iodinated contrast materials.
* Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) in terms of pressure support (PS) of 10, PEEP of 5 and FIO2 40%,
Reduce ventilator weaning time by titrating FiO2 faster and reduce arterial blood gas measurements in the ICU through more reliable SpO2 measurements8