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FiO2Fraction of Inspired Oxygen
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Throughout his ICU stay, he required high FiO2 ranging between 70%-100% most of the time.
Post extubation care includes face tent with FIO2 10L/min, frequent secretion suctioning, proper positioning with chest physiotherapy, nebulizer with bronchodilators, (if needed), continuous GCS assessment, O2 saturation and ABG monitoring.
Such tools help quality improvement and infection control professionals interpret ventilator data to understand when changes in PEEP and FiO2 have met the threshold of significance.
At age 22 days, while the baby was still on the ventilator with a low FiO2 requirement and receiving more than half of his caloric intake from enteral feeds, a routine CBC was noted to have WBC of 28,000 cell per mm3, I:T ratio of 0.
53 61 GASES ARTERIALES (REPOSO) FIO2 pH PCO2 HCO3 PO2 SaO2 P(A-a)O2 % mmHg meq/L mmHg % mmHg 21.
Provides unidirectional flow of oxygen through mask to assure maximum FIO2
To avoid pulmonary hypertension crisis we used prolonged ventilation with high FiO2, good sedation and pain management and anti-pulmonary hypertension medications like phosphodiesterase inhibitors (milrinone).
La altitud modifica la relacion entre la PaO2/ FiO2 y el cortocircuito: impacto en la valoracion de la lesion pulmonar aguda.
The mechanical ventilation was controlled by pressure, with low pressures and volumes and FIO2 at 80% to maintain capnography (30-36 mmHg) and oximetry (90-93) within the normal ranges.
Expiratory positive airway pressure was set at sufficient gas exchange maintenance level and FiO2 was set according to a value of SpO2 of greater than 90%, as measured by pulse oximetry.
Once ROSC is achieved, titrate FiO2 to achieve arterial oxyhemoglobin saturation between 94% and 99% to limit the risk of hyperoxemia.