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FiREFinancial Reporting
FiREFinance, Insurance and Real Estate (banks, credit agencies, investment companies, brokers and dealers of securities and commodities, security and commodity exchanges, insurance agents, buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, etc.)
FiREFebrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome (disease)
FiREFinancial Independence Retire Early
FiREFilm Image Recorder
FiREFully Integrated Robotized Engine
FiREFramework for Information Retrieval Applications
FiREFar Infra Red Experiment
FiREFlexible Intra Routing Environment
FiREFiling Information Returns Electronically
FiREFirst ISCCP Regional Experiment
FiREFuture Internet Research and Experimentation (EU Initiative)
FiREFactor Information REtrieval (US EPA system)
FiREFédération Île-de-France de Recherche sur l'Environnement (French environment research federation)
FiREFusion Ignition Research Experiment
FiREFire, Insurance and Real Estate (economic sector)
FiREFoundation for Individual Rights in Education, Inc.
FiREFlexible Intra-AS Routing Environment
FiREFlexible Intelligent Routing Engine
FiREForensic Incident Response Environment (bootable CD for the repair of dead systems)
FiREForensic Institute for Research and Education (est. 2006; Middle Tennessee State University)
FiREForcenet Innovation and Research Enterprise (US Navy)
FiREFamilies Ignited for Revival & Evangelism
FiREFLAMES Interactive Runtime Executable
FiREFind Inform Restrict Extinguish (steps to take when a fire is discovered)
FiREFingerprint Inquiry and Retrieval Engine (University of Missouri)
FiREFlight Investigation of the Reentry Environment
FiREFeed Intake Recording System
FiREFuture Intelligence Requirements Environment (US DoD)
FiREFull Integrated Robotized Engine
FiREFast Imaging Ranicon Experiment
FiREForms, Interfaces, Reports and Enhancements
FiREFragmenting IP (Internet-Protocol) Realtime Engine (Network Peripherals)
FiREFinnish Information Retrieval Experts Group (Finland)
References in classic literature ?
But Adam would not take 'em, Nor the ships he wouldn't make 'em, Singing:--"Water, Earth and Air and Fire, What more can mortal man desire?
The material for raising fire should always be kept in readiness.
For be it known, that, while other people, when sad and sorrowful, weep and wipe their eyes, Fire Eater, on the other hand, had the strange habit of sneezing each time he felt unhappy.
See, and don't expose yourself; keep within, and fire through the porch.
Lightning may blast and blacken, but it rarely gives rise to widespread fire.
It was this that must be most agreeable to the populace: therefore, they ranged, themselves immediately on the party of the aggressors against the archers, crying with the minority, which had become, thanks to them, the most compact majority: "Yes, yes: to the fire with the thieves
At the end of that time he came back from hunting one night and found some wood by the door and a fire within.
But they sat there and did not stir, and the fire caught their clothes.
Now a fire burned in the hut, for the night was cold, and Chaka sat on the further side of the fire, looking towards the opening of the hut, and the smoke from the fire wreathed him round, and its light shone upon his face and flickered in his terrible eyes.
The squadron crossed the bridge and drew out of range of fire without having lost a single man.
The fire from the vessels was most ineffectual, owing, as I afterward learned, to the unexpected suddenness of the first volley, which caught the ship's crews entirely unprepared and the sighting apparatus of the guns unprotected from the deadly aim of our warriors.
About midnight this work ended without accident, but at the cost of most severe exertion, and the trio partook of a luncheon of pemmican and cold punch, as the doctor had no more fire to place at Joe's disposal.