FiSATFAO-ICLARM (Food and Agricultural Organization-International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management) Fish Stock Assessment Tools (software)
FiSATFederal Institute of Science and Technology (India)
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Data Evaluation: Collected data figures were evaluated by using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet 2007 and FiSAT II (FAO ICLARM stock assessment tool) fishery software (Gayanilo et al., 2003).
The total mortality (Z) of the fish species was estimated using FiSAT II (FAO, 2006-2008) from linearized length-converted catch curve analysis of the length frequency data (Pauly, 1984b; King, 1995).
Las curvas normales que describen cada corte (lineas continuas) fueron trazadas por el programa FISAT, y dibujadas aproximadamente en el trabajo manualmente (FIG.1).
No obstante, se debe tener en cuenta que las estimaciones hechas en FiSAT II, son aproximaciones que se fundamentan en dos supuestos que raramente se cumplen; uno establece que todos los individuos de la muestra crecen describiendo un unico conjunto de parametros de crecimiento y el otro asume que durante un mes del ano el reclutamiento es cero (Pauly, 1983; Sparre & Venema, 1997).
In the case of MPA, the matrix of abundance indices by age and year was directly obtained from the results of FISAT II.
Progression of cohorts through time and life-span estimates was done using the best-fitted growth curve utilizing the Powell-Wetherall Plot routine and Electronic LEngth-Frequency ANalysis (ELEFAN I) routine of FiSAT II to identify the Von Bertalanffy Growth Function (VBGF): [CL.sub.t] = [CL.sub.[infinity]] (1-exp-K(t-[t.sub.0])), where [CL.sub.[infinity]] is the asymptotic carapace length, [CL.sub.t] is the carapace length at time t, K the growth coefficient ([year.sup.-1]) and [t.sub.0] the theoretical age at zero length (with no biological significance) (Than, 2006; Semensato and Di Beneditto, 2008).
[14.] Gayanilo FC and D Pauly FAO ICLARM stock assessment tools (FISAT): Reference Manual, FAO, 1997, Computerized Information Series (Fisheries), (8): 262.
Se determinaron los grupos modales mediante descomposicion de frecuencias de AV, usando el metodo de Bhattacharya de la subrutina homonima del programa FiSAT II (Gayanilo et al.
The growth parameters [L.sub.[infinity]] (maximum theoretical length) and k (growth rate) were estimated using ELEFAN I method (Electronic Length Frequency Analysis) inserted in the computational package of FISAT (FAO--ICLARM Stock Assessment Tools) (GAYANILO et al., 1996; GAYANILO; PAULY, 1997), based on the distribution of the monthly length frequencies (1 cm classes).