FiSCAFinancial Service Centers of America, Inc.
FiSCAFunctional Impairment Scale for Children and Adolescents
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In response to the release by the CFPB in March of a complex set of regulatory proposals that would dramatically limit, or even eliminate, the availability of small dollar, short-term loans that are critical to millions of Americans, FiSCA launched an industry-wide campaign to bring actual customer voices into the discussion.
According to a company presentation in January, it es timated fisca l 2012 revenue at ab out $2.15 billion.
Loomes has been with Diageo for 12 years and his previous roles included Head of Marketing on Spirits and Lagers in Ireland, where he is said to have played "an integral role in the revitalization of the lager category in fisca 2010."
Table 3: Economic Theories of Federalism: A Summary Main contributors Key messages Insights into evolution Traditional Theories of Fisca Federalism Public Goods Hierarchical sys- Changing spatial Theory tem of govern- boundaries of C.
(187) The Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA), one of the trade associations of the payday loan industry, explains why most payday loan customers seek a payday loan instead of other options:
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