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FRPFiberglass-Reinforced Plastic
FRPFiber Reinforced Polymer
FRPFibre Reinforced Polymer
FRPFremskrittspartiet (Norwegian: Progress Party; political party)
FRPFlight Refuelling Probe
FRPFederal response plan (USG)
FRPFire Radiative Power (radiant energy measurement)
FRPFull Rate Plus
FRPFord Racing Parts
FRPFinal Revised Proposal
FRPFrame Relay Pad
FRPFleet Response Plan (US Navy)
FRPFantasy Role Playing
FRPFolding Roof Prism (binoculars)
FRPFull Rate Production
FRPFull-Rate Production
FRPFunctional Reactive Programming
FRPFunctional Restoration Program (various organizations)
FRPFacility Response Plan (OPA 1990)
FRPFiber Reinforced Polyester
FRPForestry Research Programme (UK DFID)
FRPFiberglass-Reinforced Plywood
FRPFull Retail Price
FRPForest Recycling Project (UK)
FRPFederal Radionavigation Plan
FRPFoundation Research Program (various organizations)
FRPFinancial Risk Profile
FRPFlooring Radiant Panel (fire safety)
FRPFraction of Rated Power (US NRC)
FRPFlorida Registered Paralegal
FRPFrédéric Robbes Productions (French film company)
FRPFord Racing Puma
FRPFragmentation Protocol
FRPFamily Reunion Program (prision visitation)
FRPFaculty Research Participation
FRPFee Reduction Program (various organizations)
FRPFinancial Responsibility Plan (various organizations)
FRPFire Resistant Pit
FRPFiber Reinforced Product
FRPFinancial Rules and Procedures
FRPForward Reservation Protocol
FRPFuel Reprocessing Plant
FRPFleet Replacement Pilot
FRPFixed Reference Price
FRPFragment Reassembly Processor (Cisco)
FRPFacility Review Plan
FRPFacilities Restoration Program
FRPFully-Resolved Predicate
FRPFront Range Pilot
FRPFundación Rio Parnaiba (Brasil)
FRPFailure Replacement Policy
FRPFuel Rack Position
FRPForward Repair Pool
FRPFrequency Reuse Pattern
FRPForm/Rebar/Pour (concrete)
FRPForward Range Pressure
FRPFinite Range Potential(s)
FRPFallback Rendezvous Point
FRPFire-Rated Protection
FRPForest Rights Programme (Nepal)
FRPFalse Rejection Probability
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Deflection analysis of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with carbon fibre reinforced polymer under long-term load action, Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A 13(8): 571-583.
Issac Wootton (13) studied on lollipop specimens to investigate the corrosion of steel reinforcement and the specimens were wrapped with carbon fibre reinforced polymer sheets.
The strengthening and seismic retrofit of existing reinforced concrete (RC) columns using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite jackets is based on a well-established fact, that lateral confinement of concrete can substantially enhance its compressive strength and ultimate axial strain.
Tenders are invited for Providing Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer CFRP Repair System For Part Floor Slab At NE NW SE And SW Areas Of Pump Room 112 M EL Inside Reactor Building 2 At KAPS Plant Site.
Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) is a composite material consisting of a polymer matrix embedded with high-strength fibres, such as glass, aramid and carbon.
Moreover, due to corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, and workability, glass fibre reinforced polymer materials are well suited for the newly built or rehabilitated civil engineering concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels and viaducts, marine embankments and hydropower dams or heritage buildings.
The frame has been designed using aluminium, glass fibre reinforced polymer and carbon fibre reinforced polymer.
2 September 2011 - US pipeline protection specialist Insituform Technologies (NASDAQ:INSU) said it had completed the acquisition of the North American operations of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) systems group Fyfe for USD115.
This main objective of this paper is to investigate the mechanical properties of a series of natural fibre reinforced polymer composites, where the parameters under study are type of natural fibres (KE, EFB) and synthetic E-glass fibre, type of matrix materials (renewable thermoplastic PLA, synthetic thermoplastic PS and thermoset EP resins) and the fibre-matrix volume fraction.
The model features two roof mounted carbon fibre reinforced polymer boards and a kite compartment, a set of LED spot lights, stainless steel running boards, dual exit exhausts and an interior with leather covered seats and door panels, all in matching yellow leather.