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FMDFoot and Mouth Disease
FMDFalsified Medicines Directive (EU)
FMDFort Madison (Amtrak station code; Fort Madison, IA)
FMDFree Music Download
FMDFlow-Mediated Dilatation
FMDFondazione Mondo Digitale (Italian: Digital World Foundation)
FMDFaculty Multimedia Center
FMDFluorescent Multilayer Optical Disc
FMDFibromuscular Dysplasia (arterial disease)
FMDFaculty of Medicine and Dentistry (various schools)
FMDFinancial Management Division
FMDFacilities Management Division
FMDFinancial Markets Department (various locations)
FMDFournitures et Matériels de Déménagements (French: Moving Supplies and Materials)
FMDFarm Management Deposits (Australia)
FMDFleet Management Division (various locations)
FMDFull Material Disclosure (products; varioius companies)
FMDFacioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
FMDFlood Maintenance Division (Los Angeles, CA)
FMDFunction Management Data
FMDFire Marshal Division (various locations)
FMDFerme Marine de Douhet (French fish hatchery)
FMDFrontometaphyseal Dysplasia (progressive bone disease)
FMDFlooded Member Detection (offshore engineering)
FMDFluid Mechanics Department (various organizations)
FMDForward Multiplicity Detector
FMDFluorescent Multi-layer Disk
FMDFonds Migration et Développement (French: Migration and Development Fund)
FMDField Monitoring Device (electronic home arrest equipment)
FMDForce Management Division
FMDFailure Mode Data
FMDFacilities Management Design, Ltd. (UK)
FMDForce Modernization Division
FMDForce Mix Data
FMDFinancial Management and Development (various organizations)
FMDFleet Maintenance Data
FMDFerry Movement Directive
FMDFault Manager Diagnostic
FMDFlorida Mainstream Democrats
FMDFull Modulation Diversity
FMDFuels Manager Defense
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Major Finding: The most common presenting symptoms in patients with fibromuscular dysplasia were hypertension in 66%, headache in 53%, pulsatile tinnitus in 30%, and dizziness in 28%.
Fibromuscular dysplasia is a non-atherosclerotic non-inflammatory vascular disease that has been described in almost all vascular beds; the most commonly affected are the renal and the carotid arteries.
Hopkins LN, Budny JL: Fibromuscular dysplasia, in Wilkins RH, Rengachary SS(eds.
Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) affects the muscle and fibrous tissue in artery walls and often results in "webs" that restrict blood flow.
Imaging for renal artery stenosis can be considered in young patients with severe hypertension where there is concern for fibromuscular dysplasia, and in older patients who are at increased risk for vascular disease.
meningitis, endocarditis); fibromuscular dysplasia (a condition that causes narrowing of the blood vessels); and coagulopathy (a blood clotting disorder).
While further DSA imaging of the renal arteries determined the patient had fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD).