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As discussed in [8], the initial field change that ultimately ends-up in a ground flash, is strongly related to the in-cloud discharges termed "cloud-type initial portion of the first leader field change" [12], "pre-preliminary discharge" [13], "long duration preliminary field change" [11], and "large negative pre-stroke field changes" outside the polarity reversal distance [14].
He said: "Sub-postmasters in north Warwickshire have been worried for some months that the field change advisers, and the public consultation period due next year, are nothing but a sham.
Post Office field change adviser Bryan Marshall was on hand to give Varinder the award on August 30.
Post Office field change advisor Alison Wallace said: "Our priority is to safeguard post office services in the longer term.
Sue Hodgins, Field Change Advisor said: "I would like to assure everyone that it remains our intention to keep a Post Office service in Trelawnyd and we are currently investigating the options available.
Denise Sparkes, field change adviser, said: "I received a small number of comments from customers and local representatives during the consultation period which was all in support of our plans, which indicated that the community have welcomed the proposal to restore post office services to the area.
Field change adviser Ian Carlton said: "I'm sure our customers will be delighted that it could soon be business as usual at their local post office.
Every decision, field change and team talk the new captain gives over the next five days will be scrutinised.
The African skull dates to 930,000 years ago because it was found above a soil layer dated to before that time and below evidence of a magnetic field change that occurred since then.
As you near the end of the field change sides with the hedge at a waymark post to continue down the field and exit through a bridle gate onto the road.
POSTMARK: Craig Whittaker MP (left) with (from left) Post Office regional manager Adrian Wales; National Federation of Sub Postmasters branch secretary Sharron Latta; Simon Beech, who carried out the refurbishment; Post Office field change adviser Amanda Pedley and Elland post office owner Manjit Kaur (s)
The Post Office's field change adviser Ian Carlton said: "Post Office local is a new way for us to deliver Post Office services from an established outlet and we believe it is the best option for restoring our presence in Cowpen.