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Specific topics include fabricating a graphene network with nano-imprint lithography, the self-assembly of graphene nano-ribbons with unsaturated edges, graphene composite materials for supercapacitor electrodes, a field emission device made from a multi-walled carbon nanotube sheet, and large-scale solution-processable graphene-based thin film devices.
Specific topics include comparison of SOI FinFETs and bulk FinFETs, analytical modeling of double gate graded-channel SOI transistors for analog applications, and SOI as a platform for transition from micro to nano, as well as diamond-on-SOI field emission device patterning, simulation of hole mobility in DGSOI transistors, a thermal resistance model for multi-finger trench-isolated bipolar transistors on SOI substrate, and pseudo-MOSFET analysis of proton irradiated and annealed SOI wafer.
Choi, "An all-graphene based transparent and flexible field emission device," Carbon, vol.
Because of certain unique properties of graphene nanocomposites such as high carrier versatility, good electrical conductivity and direct optical transmittance, they are used as part of electrode applications for manufacturing active solar cells, liquid crystal devices, field emission devices and natural light radiating diodes, which drives the graphene nanocomposites market.
Thereinto, the field emission devices based on CNTs display excellent emission performance [7, 8].
* Carbon nanotube materials and field emission devices
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