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Field validation is conducted after each disaster to monitor the affected areas and examine necessary interventions to address the damaged rice fields.
Field validation of sample rooftops has been performed to analyze the accuracy of extracted rooftops.
He appreciated 100 percent field validation of micro-plans during the
There would still be a need of field validation. The need to enhance man power and equipment cannot be over emphasised," he said.
Battelle is forming a joint industry project (JXP) to complete laboratory and field validation studies and move this promising technology to commercialization.
To evaluate the risk maps produced from MaxEnt models for both species, field validation points were collected as independent data sets.
As Caterpillar announced in a November 2013 press release, based on the company's extensive testing, analysis and field validation, Cat Ter 4i engines rated under 130 kW that migrate outside of HRCs will require modification to operate at peak performance.
Furthermore, Omega Diagnostics unveiled that after completing technology transfer of its Visitect CD4 disposable, semi-quantitative rapid test for determination of CD4 counts in whole blood, tests have been supplied for initial field validation studies to assess performance in India and Kenya.
From these approaches, the best predictions in terms of statistical and field validation were selected as an input for the suitability modelling.
The modern cloud architecture and scalable infrastructure can handle heavy loads and the detailed field validation means passes work the first time and every time.
In addition, climate-related studies in the region suffer from a lack of repeat studies, permanent plots, field validation, and peer review.
Field validation of a short time step model for vertical ground-loop heat exchangers.