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If no field wiring or infrastructure is altered, the original system can be put back in place quickly in the event of a problem while the vendor takes the problem off-line for resolution without further affecting the customer's production schedule.
This unit is an upright, free standing, space saving design and all connections are plug-in, eliminating field wiring.
So we had to relocate to another building, provide additional field wiring, and program their service through the central office, all while a severe windstorm was occurring.
High-density field wiring is accomplished with high-quality removable plugs on each module.
Louis, in conjunction with its local distributor, Western Baler & Conveyor, managed the installation project, providing system design, engineering, installation, field wiring and start-up.
USB is said to simplify computer setups, speed data transmission and simplify field wiring.
Instead of running hard conduit out in the field, everything will be a plug-in connect, so field wiring will be greatly minimized," said Jim Walsh, TKF Vice President-Sales.
The "signals off' switch kills battery power to field wiring in case of a knock-down where emergency crews need to rescue trapped victims or reduce fire or explosion hazards due to gasoline or hazardous materials spills.
Support personnel ensure that all field wiring and devices function properly, and that software performs as required.
The field wiring block, which accepts wire leads from sensors, connects to a base plate and that connects to the circuit boards in the rack.
As many as 32 DCUs can be distributed throughout the brewery so that each DCU is located close to the process equipment it controls minimizing field wiring runs.
Factory-engineered controls not only assure proper operation, they also reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for expensive field wiring.