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"The UAE is making great strides in the field of the future sciences and communications technology.
Under the terms of the agreement, Accenture will work closely with Statoil to help the company realize its ambitions to implement its recently defined digital roadmap for operations across six key programs: digital safety, security and sustainability; subsurface analytics; next-generation well delivery; the field of the future; data-driven operations; and process digitalization and insight.
The new 10-year agreement extends the existing arrangement between the companies, allowing Emerson to provide an expanded scope of technologies and expertise that help ensure safe and competitive projects and support BP's Field of the Future programme for enhanced operating efficiency and oil recovery.
He added Geology is a field of the future and more research is needed in the field to unearth the resource talent of our soil.
is the field of the future," as evidenced by the "rapid growth in the audience size of these stable isotope lectures" at meetings like the one in San Francisco.
It is now more than 10 years since the Field of the Future concept was established by BP to improve decision-making through realtime data-to-decision capabilities in production, operations and reservoir management.
Steve Roberts, vice president of the Field of the Future technology flagship, BP, says: "As a company, we have been pioneers in the digitalisation of the oil and gas industry.