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FLSFundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery
FLSFood and Life Sciences (Cornell University; New York)
FLSFlowserve Corporation (stock symbol)
FLSField-Level Security
FLSFamily Law Section (bar associations)
FLSFrançais Langue Seconde (French: French Second Language)
FLSFlood Statement (US FEMA)
FLSFame Login Server
FLSFixed Line Substitution
FLSFixed Length Structure
FLSFixed Line Services
FLSFree Lance-Star (newspaper; Fredericksburg, VA)
FLSFundamentals of Land Surveying (various locations)
FLSFondation pour le Logement Social (French: Foundation for Social Housing)
FLSFitzroy Legal Service (Australia)
FLSForward Looking SONAR
FLSFormation Locale de Sécurité (French: Local Security Training)
FLSFire Life Safety
FLSFrançais Langue de Scolarisation (French: French Language Schooling)
FLSFédération Luxembourgeoise de Ski (French: Luxembourg Ski Federation; Luxembourg)
FLSFront Line States
FLSFull Length Shot (camera angle)
FLSFolded Letter Sheet (philatelics)
FLSFirst Level Support (helpdesk)
FLSForeign Language School
FLSFlorida Legal Services, Inc
FLSFaculty Lecture Series (various schools)
FLSFibroblast-Like Synoviocyte
FLSFatty Liver Syndrome (hepatic lipidosis)
FLSFellow of the Linnean Society of London
FLSForensic Light Source
FLSFatigue Limit State
FLSFlying Lab Software, LLC (video game company; Seattle, WA)
FLSFamily Life Specialist
FLSFront Line Supervisor
FLSFiber Local Storage (Windows API)
FLSFluid Level Sensor
FLSForward Logistic Site
FLSFrontal Lobe Syndrome
FLSFlight Landing Strip
FLSSummer Flounder
FLSFlu-Like Syndrome
FLSFleet Logistics System
FLSFlight Line Supervisor
FLSFlashless (Powder)
FLSField Loadable Software (FAA)
FLSFilthy Little Secret (band)
FLSFewleftstanding (band)
FLSField Logistics System
FLSFree Lance Sales (website)
FLSFault Locator System
FLSFox Learning Systems (Pittsburgh, PA)
FLSFixed Light Source
FLSFuture Language Schools (Egypt)
FLSFuzzy Logical System
FLSFixed-Lag Smoothing
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Other DataTrac Originator features include: a security manager that provides centralized administration of tasks, including maintaining organizations, security profiles, users, object permissions, the processing log, validation rules, statuses, roles and parties; field-level security fields for "read-only" or "editable" per security profile; a "sandbox mode," where loan data can be manipulated for different loan scenarios without saving changes to the loan file; process visibility via audit and print logs; and dynamic data integration throughout the loan origination life cycle.
It includes detailed GUI configuration, analysis and design, entity setup, user group design, file-level security, and field-level security. Cactus Software, Prairie Village, KS
Salvo addresses data- and field-level security concerns through various security administration mechanics, including data-level security via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and field-level security via rules defined by a Salvo administrator.
Space-Time's SuperSTAR analytics and visualization products, including SuperWEB and SuperVIEW, are used for web-based data and microdata dissemination that combines confidentialization and field-level security for advanced privacy protection.
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