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FFIFiber Fuels Institute
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FFIFraction of Failures Isolated
FFIFlame Failure Indicator
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This survey of modern Irish literature looks at how Irish writers have responded to social, political, and cultural change through their treatment of themes such as rural life, the scandals of the Catholic Church, the loss of the Irish language, the Irish spirit of hope, and the fight for independence.
1925 - Plaid Cymru are formed to revive the Welsh language and fight for independence for Wales.
After the start of the 1876 April Uprising, which had the goal to liberate Bulgaria and is considered the apogee of the fight for independence, Botev began organizing volunteer units to help the rebels.
1824: Poet Lord Byron died of a fever at Missolonghi while aiding Greek insurgents against the Turks in their fight for independence.
Those who fight for independence never die", he said.
Above all of these, BaNez pointed out the most important lesson from the Philippine-American War: Even though the Americans conquered us, our fight for independence continues.
January 20, 1990 is a day which went down in history of Azerbaijan's fight for independence and territorial integrity.
Or Cabinda, which continues to fight for independence against nearby Angola?
We are proud to call Israel "the Jewish State," but ever since our fight for independence we have had a covenant with our Israeli Druze brothers and sisters.
Venezuela's fight for independence started in 1810 when Spanish Governor and Captain General Vicente Emparan was deposed by the Caracas municipal council.
According to a statement from the Presidency of the Republic, the meeting was an opportunity to talk about "the achievements accomplished by Tunisia in its fight for independence thanks to national unity and the fundamental reforms initiated by leader Habib Bourguiba that helped Tunisia achieve a qualitative change in a relatively short time.
1824: Poet Lord Byron died of a fever at |Missolonghi while aiding Greek insurgents against the Turks in their fight for independence.