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FNFood Network (TV channel)
FNFront National
FNFunction (keyboard key, BASIC keyword)
FNFactory New
FNFinancial News
FNFirst Name
FNFirst Nation
FNFood and Nutrition (academic courses)
FNFight Night (video game)
FNFalse Negative
FNFile Number
FNFireman (Navy)
FNFireman (USCG, USN)
FNFabrique Nationale de Herstal (Belgian firearms manufacturer)
FNFormula Nippon (Japan)
FNForenede Nationer (Danish: United Nations)
FNFirst Night
FNForces Nouvelles (Côte d'Ivoire)
FNForente Nasjoner (UN)
FNFinancial Network
FNFeliz Navidad (Spanish: Merry Christmas)
FNFirst Notice
FNFabrique National (arms maker and its rifles)
FNFernando de Noronha (Brazil)
FNFebrile Neutropenia
FNForeign National
FNFinding Nemo (movie)
FNFowler-Nordheim (electronics)
FNFlat Nose (bullet)
FNFunctional Description
FNFeistel Network
FNFracture Numérique (French: Digital Divide)
FNFind Number
FNFocus Now (Texarkana, Texas)
FNFlight Nurse
FNFroude Number
FNForced Normalization
FNFakultetsnämnden (Swedish: Faculty Board)
FNFundación Natura (Spanish: Nature Foundation)
FNFORCEnet (US Navy)
FNFuzzy Navel (cocktail)
FNFog Nozzle
FNFuture Navy
FNFolder Navigation
FNFragged Nation (gaming website)
FNFaith Networks
FNFully Non-Reciprocal Method
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"The health card number works as a file number of all DHA hospitals," a spokesperson said.
The Government officials will issue a manual fee receipt and allocate a 'file number' based on which applicant will be able to track status of the application on website.
These products have been tested to UL Specification 969--Marking and Labeling Systems, file number MH18515.
users can see details for each appraisal in the pipeline, including the file number, borrower's information, property address, lender, loan product, property type, client's name and contact number, vendor fees and due date.
Additionally, the company said that the MSDH shares to be issued in the spin-off will be distributed under a prospectus dated 14 February 2012 filed as part of MSDH's effective registration statement on Form S-1, File number 333-177915 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on 14 February 2012.
(16) Letter from Helmer, Foreign Ministry of GDR, to Vesper, GDR Ambassador to Hungary Archives of Foreign Ministry [Politisches Archiv des Auswartigen Amts], Berlin, file number: MfAA A 13.740 (Jan.
For the case to be listed, applicants must send beforehand, details of their cases, including name, file number and copies of representation made to the passport office, if any.
* The LLC's Secretary of State file number or Franchise Tax Board temporary LLC number (for unregistered entities) and Federal Employer Identification Number.
The decision is file number B-309911, available at www.gao.gov.
Labor will introduce automatic rolling together of lost accounts into the member's last active account using their tax file number. A member will have the right to opt out of the process if he or she wishes.
Hers is a world in which people are known by their job function and file number.
Any additional information related to this transaction can be found in the 8K document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, File number 000- 49697.