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FALTField Artillery Logic Tester
FALTFixed Aqueous Layer Thickness
FALTFinal Altitude
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On the contrary, Figure 19(c) highlighted the PID absolute error to 0.5 m from the desired altitude in the final altitude aimed.
The final altitude of pre-acclimatization depends on the altitude profile later in reality and on the time which is planned to reach that altitude.
I asked him, "For traffic, can you accept 6000 feet as your final altitude?" He replied in the affirmative, so up he went.
I include a very simple side view of the final altitude to the final approach fix (FAF), a depiction of the descent to the MAP, and a heading-up, overhead view of the missed approach procedure and hold.
After getting to our final altitude and allowing my copilot to get comfortable with the CAINS, everything was set.
By the way, PLL is 80 NM from Midway and you've requested a final altitude of 10,000 feet, which won't happen until you are well clear of the class B.
As the plane was getting near its final altitude of FL400, it was struggling and was climbing at about 500 fpm for the last 1500 feet or so.
The next and final altitude readout occurred at 2328:11, at 3500 feet, indicating an average descent rate in excess of 16,000 fpm during the previous nine seconds.
You probably learned the acronym CRAFT for Clearance limit, Routing, initial and final Altitude, departure Frequency, and Transponder squawk code.
The only way she can get herself to fly five knots faster is to overshoot her final altitude by 100 ft and "dive" to get past the first level flight cruise speed, just like the proverbial step technique.