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The final approach course comes at the runway at right angles, so after breaking out I can cross midfield and then conform with Jabara's visual pattern: Turn right for right traffic to Runway 18, or left for the left downwind to Runway 36.
From experience, I knew the ADF needle would point about 45 degrees behind the left wing around the time ATC would turn us south on a base leg, followed by a turn to intercept the final approach course inbound.
When you hit the final approach course for Runway 36, you turn to 360 to track it outbound and continue climbing.
That puts you inside of the NDB on the final approach course. That said, we'll also accept d., since you're certainly in quite a bit of a mess already.
Once on base, the pointer will be ahead of your wing and when it is about 45 degrees off your nose, it's time for another vector to intercept the final approach course. Once you're on that final vector the pointer will be just off your nose on the same side as the airport; the bigger the difference between your heading and the bearing to the station, the farther you'll be from the FAF when you intercept the inbound course.
The marine layer had come and gone earlier that morning, and we could have even broken off the PAR for short hook back onto the final approach course. Our persistence on landing while maintaining visual contact was, in retrospect, a dangerous decision.
Pattern A can be flown when the final approach course intersects the runway centerline at less than a 90[degrees] angle, and the runway is in sight early enough to establish a base leg.
I already had the GPS approach procedure loaded and had joined the final approach course about five miles earlier.
After being diverted westerly for about 30 miles, we were given vectors to the final approach course (FAC) for the RNAV 32.
The underlying NAVAID must be operational and the NAVAID monitored for the final approach course alignment."
I was immediately cleared for the approach and spiraled down to intercept the initial fix right at the top of the clouds, proceeding straight in on the last inbound leg of the final approach course as I entered the soup.
This got everyone in the helicopter's attention because there is steep terrain to the south of the airfield, left of the final approach course.