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FDISFirst Data Independent Sales (Chicago, IL)
FDISFinal Draft International Standard (ISO)
FDISField Data Information System (Ministry of Environment; British Columbia, Canada)
FDISFrequency Domain Interference Suppressor (GPS user equipment)
FDISFast Frequency Distribution Based Interpolation Search Algorithm for Sorted Arrays
FDISFlight Displays & Interface System
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The latest draft (Draft International Standard--DIS) received nearly 90% approval from the ISO members, enough to progress to the next stage: Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).
H.265 respectively, as the final draft international standard. HEVC is comprised of video coding technologies developed by several companies including NEC.
* Approval Stage (final draft international standard)--FDIS
The draft goes through four main stages to get published as a new international standard: (1) the committee draft (CD), (2) draft international standard (DIS), (3) final draft international standard (FDIS) and (4) published international standard.
These are Committee Draft (CD), Draft International Standard (DIS), Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) and International Standard (IS).