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FRODFinal Record of Decision
FRODFat-Removal Orbital Decompression (ophthalmology)
FRODFunctionally Related Observable Difference
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The BLM expects a final Record of Decision to be in place by December, Campbell said.
We look forward to a final Record of Decision from the BLM and to begin building a model project that employs an environmentally-responsible design, provides economic benefits to the High Desert region and produces cost-effective solar power.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today issued its final Record of Decision for the Christie Administrations selected remediation plan for the Lower Passaic River, a major step in the long-awaited cleanup of a contaminated eight-mile section of this vital waterway that was once an economic engine for the state and nation.
The Authority Board is scheduled to certify the environmental document in late May with the Federal Railroad Administration expected to issue the final Record of Decision in June of 2008.
Pending leases that have already completed NEPA analyses and received a final Record of Decision or Decision Order by a federal agency under the existing regulations will be allowed to complete the final procedural steps to secure a lease or lease modification.
The FAA has indicated it will issue its final Record of Decision (ROD) regarding airport relocation in September 2006.
Following resolution of any protests to the Land Use Plan, BLM will issue its final Record of Decision.
Copies of the final Record of Decision and a summary of responses to the 70,000 public comments are available on EPA' s Web site at and at the 16 information repositories (listed on the web site).
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