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FSPFree State Project
FSPFlexible Service Processor
FSPFonds de Solidarité Prioritaire
FSPFood Safety Program (various locations)
FSPFaculté de Santé Publique (French: School of Public Health; Belgium)
FSPFood Security Policy (various organizations)
FSPFast Print
FSPFreestyle Profiler
FSPFull Sports Package
FSPFile System Process
FSPFile Service Process
FSPFibre Channel Service Protocol
FSPFax Service Provider
FSPFreeway Service Patrol
FSPFédération Suisse des Psychologues (French: Federation of Swiss Psychologists; Switzerland)
FSPFunctional Sentence Perspective (linguistics)
FSPFile Service Protocol
FSPField Sampling Plan
FSPFaculté des Sciences Sociales et Politiques (French: School of Social and Political Sciences; Belgium)
FSPFull Size Project (various organizations)
FSPFull Service Provider
FSPFédération Suisse de Pêche (French: Swiss Federation of Fishing; Switzerland)
FSPFreedom Socialist Party
FSPFamily Strengthening Programme (various locations)
FSPForest Stewardship Program
FSPFlowshop Scheduling Problem (algorithms)
FSPFinancial Service Provider
FSPFire Stand Pipe
FSPFiber Service Platform (ADVA Optical Networking)
FSPForce Sécurité Protection (French: Protection Security Force)
FSPSociety of Financial Service Professionals (Newtown Square, PA)
FSPFédération Suisse de Pétanque (French: Swiss Federation of Petanque; Switzerland)
FSPFonds Suisse pour le Paysage (French: Swiss Landscape Fund; Switzerland)
FSPFranconia Sculpture Park (Minnesota)
FSPFacility Security Plan
FSPFamily Support Plan
FSPFormation en Situation Professionnelle (French vocational training)
FSPFacilities and Services Planning
FSPForo de São Paulo (Portuguese: Sao Paulo Forum; political conference; est. 1990)
FSPFood Service Partners (est. 1998)
FSPFamilial Spastic Paraplegia (medical disorder)
FSPFunding of Schools Program (Canada)
FSPSt Pierre, St. Pierre And Miquelon (Airport Code)
FSPFinancial Services Practitioner
FSPFederation Service Proxy (verification certificate)
FSPFood Safety Professional (various organizations)
FSPFoundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific (Australia)
FSPField Studies Program (Army Logistics Management College)
FSPFinancial Sustainability Plan (WHO)
FSPField Service Planning
FSPFull Scale Production
FSPFiglie di San Paolo (Italian: Daughters of Saint Paul; religious institute)
FSPFiltration Systems Products (various locations)
FSPFinite State Process (Java programming and documentation tool)
FSPFinancial Stability Partnership (various organizations)
FSPFighting Steel Project (gaming)
FSPFaculty Scholars Program (various schools)
FSPFederal Stimulus Package (economics)
FSPFallback Status Point (Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007)
FSPFile Slurping Protocol
FSPFaculty/Staff Parking (various universities)
FSPFree Scotland Party (political party; UK)
FSPFood Stamp Plan (federal nutrition plan)
FSPFinal Standard Profile (optical disk feature)
FSPFragment Simulating Projectile
FSPFull Scale Pressure
FSPForensic Server Project (computer architecture)
FSPFree Space Photonics
FSPForce Support Package
FSPFlight Safety Part
FSPFinancial Services Platform (wireless services and internet banking)
FSPFire Suppression Panel
FSPFinancial Sector Program
FSPFloating Shock Platform
FSPFederated Sentient Planets (gaming)
FSPFuerza de Seguridad Pública (Public Safety Force, Honduras; also FUSEP)
FSPForeign Service Premium
FSPFloridians for a Sustainable Population
FSPFukushima Sky Park (Japan)
FSPFuji Safari Park (Japan)
FSPFlight Strip Printer
FSPFishery Sector Program (Philippines)
FSPFull Scope Polygraph
FSPFamily Support Partner
FSPFemaleScienceProfessor (blog)
FSPFibrin Split Product
FSPFlash Streaming Player (streaming video)
FSPFallensword Points (gaming)
FSPFrame Sync Polarity
FSPFull-Scale Prototype
FSPForward Supply Point
FSPFrame Supervisory Panel
FSPFacility Support Plan
FSPFinished Screen Porch (building code)
FSPFire Support Plan
FSPFacility Security Profile
FSPFacility Safety Procedure
FSPFunctional Specification Package
FSPFire and Security Products
FSPFair Share Policy (multicast networks)
FSPFacilities Solution Provider
FSPfuel-sucking pig (gas guzzler)
FSPForward Support Package
FSPForeign Service Pay
FSPFemale Sex Partner
FSPFailure Simple Path
FSPFault Servicing Point
FSPFrequency-Selective Polarizer
FSPFilles de St. Paul (Daughters of Saint Paul - Boston nun order)
FSPForward Support Platoon
FSPFixed Job Scheduling Problem
FSPFactory System Performance
FSPFederal Stamp Program
FSPFlight Simulator Pro 2002 (Microsoft)
FSPFuel Storage Point
FSPField Surveillance Program (Patriot missile)
FSPFiber Service Provider
FSPFournisseur de Matières Premières
FSPFunctional System Prototype
FSPFunding Service Partner (Sprint)
FSPFinal Salary Plan (employee pension plan)
FSPField Signal Processor (sensors)
FSPFASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) Staff Position (Norwalk, CT)
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This is measured differently according to whether the pension is a defined contribution plan (like a personal pension) or defined benefit plan (like a final salary plan, or similar).
We fully understand the strength of feeling prompted by our decision to close our final salary plan.
But the increased longevity of former employees and poor returns from the stock market during the early 2000s has led to a pounds 700m 'black hole' developing in M&S's final salary plan.
The career average plan yields a $9,000 annual pension ($15,000 career average salary x 2 percent x 30 years), whereas the final salary plan yields a $10,500 annual pension ($35,000 final salary x 1 percent x 30 years).
A spokesman for Unilever said: "We fully understand the strength of feeling prompted by our decision to close our final salary plan.
Mr Coppock added that the decision covered all members of the Philips UK Final Salary Plan, not just the workers in Durham.
Rentokil Initial - The firm said in December existing staff would not accrue future benefits in their final salary plan, it will also put pounds 200 million into its scheme as part of a series of payments to close its deficit.
RBS stressed that it needed to tackle an pounds 800million shortfall in the final salary plan it closed in 2006 to new recruits.
These are often like personal or stakeholder pensions - based directly on contributions invested and the returns they have generated - rather than a traditional final salary plan.
It is incumbent on both sides, employers and their staff, to ensure pension provision, but there's no point bankrupting your business to maintain a final salary plan,' he said.
Mr Rubenstein, whose body aims to rescue failed final salary plans, said: "It is misleading to allow people to expect promised pensions when there is only enough money to pay about 60%.
Final salary plans offer members pre-defined benefits at retirement, based on their exit pay - but leave all the risks with the sponsoring employers (particularly increasing lifespan, inflation and poor investment performance).