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FZFlydubai (airline; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
FZFrank Zappa
FZForza (badminton brand)
FZFree Zone
FZFreezing (Terminal Area Forecast)
FZForschungszentrum (German)
FZForzando (musical notation)
FZFloat Zone (Silicon)
FZFortezza (card)
FZFloating Zone
FZFranc Zone
FZFriend Zone
FZFinal Zone (Sonic 1 level)
FZF-Zero (game)
FZFold Zandura (band)
FZFortified Zone
FZFlow Zone
FZFear Zero (band)
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We just need a little bit of luck when we get in that final zone," said Holloway.
We just need a little bit of luck but when you get in that final zone you've got to pick out that final cross where you don't hit them.
IFPRI will collect baseline data for the required population-based indicators from 149 woredas (districts) which make up the USAID Ethiopia Feed the Future zone of influence and undertake mid-point and final zone of influence surveys and impact analyses.
Table 2 lists the configurations of the interchangeable elements in the final zone.
PESHAWAR -- Agriculture University Peshawar took berth into the final zone after registering victories against University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar and Islamia University in their respective matches played here at Agriculture University Gymnasium on Monday.
com)-- China Resources International only recently began drilling at the fourth and final zone within the Jilin mine, and was not expecting to begin drilling at the Xiaoluo site until 2013.
Developing a more precise description of elements within deformation zone should be focussed on the last phase of the zone deformation--the final zone deformation making it totally flat.
Phase-8 is the final zone in the master plan for DIP and focuses on logistics services, a sector that has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last decade.
Also taking place next week is the final Zone Rugby Coaching Clinic of the summer holidays on Wednesday.
Both teams are 11-5-1 and vying for the final zone playoff spot with one game left.
One zone includes a mine that was operational in the 1960s, another zone was test mined in the 1960s and the final zone was recently discovered by Premier.