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After years of delay, the WAG has finally approved a condition for a 500m buffer zone around opencast sites.
The Lib Dem Assembly leader, Mike German, who placed his personal credibility on the line at the party's weekend special conference, watched a tense vote in which activists finally approved the Plaid/Tory deal by 125 votes to 77.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) Council of Ministers has finally approved the small Euro 155 million budget to finance new cross-border energy infrastructure under the EU trans-European network (TENs) programme for 2007-13, while transport gets Euro 8 billion.
Under a deal finally approved in late 1999, IPIC bought a 50% stake in South Korea's third largest oil refining and retail firm - Hyundai Oil - with a market share of 21%.
The first sewer and water lines were installed in 1952 and plans were finally approved to build the first houses.
So last February, almost two years after the initial proposal, the BATF finally approved the Wine Institute's language, along with a label from California's Laurel Glen Winery that urged consumers to "consult your family doctor about the health effects of wine consumption."
But the health authorities finally approved the pill in June, allowing nine pharmaceutical companies to start selling the drug Sept.
British Petroleum (BP) and America's Amoco group have announced that their merger, which was finally approved by the American authorities, became official on Thursday December 31.
Those plans are finally approved by the nine member Loft Board.
The sites are to be finally approved by summer 1985 for eventual Superfund cleanup.
Members of Parliament start voting on the newly-proposed amendments to the 2014 Constitution on Thursday- Egypt Today/Hazem abdel-Samad CAIRO - 12 March 2019: The House of Representatives under Ali Abdel Aal has finally approved a bill submitted by the government on reconciliation in some building violations.