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FAAFederal Aviation Administration (US government)
FAAFederal Arbitration Act
FAAFleet Air Arm (UK)
FAAFederal Aviation Agency (US government, pre-1967 name of the Federal Aviation Administration)
FAAFederación Agraria Argentina (Spanish: Argentina Agricultural Federation; Argentina)
FAAFédération Algérienne d'Athlétisme (French: Algerian Athletics Federation; Algeria)
FAAFilipino-American Association (various locations)
FAAForeign Assistance Act
FAAFellow of the Australian Academy of Science (also seen as FAAS)
FAAFine Arts Association (various locations)
FAAFine Aggregate Angularity (pavements)
FAAFinancial Aid Administrator (various organizations)
FAAFragment anti Aliasing
FAAFinancial Administration Act (Canada)
FAAFuerza Aérea Argentina (Argentinian Air Force)
FAAAngolan Armed Forces
FAAFunctional Area Analysis
FAAForças Armadas Angolanas (Angolan Armed Forces)
FAAFrais d'Améliorations Aéroportuaires (French: Airport Improvement Fees; Canada)
FAAFreedom of Access Act (Maine)
FAAFree Amino Acid
FAAFinancial Aid Advisor
FAAFormation Appliquée aux Assurances (French: Applied Training for Insurance)
FAAFédération des Auto-Écoles Agréées (French: Federation of Motorbikes; Belgium)
FAAFlorida Apartment Association (Maitland, Florida)
FAAFilipinos for Affirmative Action (Oakland, CA)
FAAForces Armées Australiennes (French: Australian Defense Forces)
FAAFatal Accidents Act (Canada)
FAAFujikura Automotive America
FAAFirst Article Approval
FAAFriendly Aviation Associaton (Federal Aviation Administration slang)
FAAFree of All Average
FAAFine Arts Auditorium
FAAFranco Anglaise d'Assurances (French insurance company)
FAAForward Assembly Area
FAAFaith Arts Academy (Silver Spring, MD)
FAAFisheries Administration Act 1991 (Australia)
FAAFinancial Assistance Act
FAAFlorida Aquaculture Association
FAAFlorida Archery Association
FAAFlorida Attractions Association
FAAFirearm Act (Canada)
FAAFlorida Airboat Association
FAAFund Administering Activity
FAAFlorida Arcade Association
FAAFORSCOM Action Agent (US Army)
FAAFresh Acid Add
FAAFirst Aircraft Arrival
FAAForeign Airlines Association (UK)
FAAFuture Attack Aircraft
FAAFrequency Allocation Authority (Pakistan)
FAAFamily Allowance, Class A
FAAFocus Area Assessments
FAAFatty Acid Amine
FAAFutbol Asociacion de Argentina (Argentine Soccer Players Union)
FAAFunctional Area Assessment/Assignment
FAAFilled Aperture Antenna
FAAFisheries and Aquaculture Act, 2001 (Bulgaria)
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Nana Senyah's concern follows alleged disregard for the Financial Administration Act which regulates the financial management of the public sector to ensure that persons entrusted with financial management ensure the effective and efficient management of state revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities, resources of the government, consolidated fund and other public funds by some MPs.
New amendments to the Financial Administration Act prohibit ministries, provincial agencies and the two hydro entities (Ontario Power Generation and the Independent Electricity System Operator) from paying to attend or sponsor events where a politician is the main speaker.
Under Canada's Financial Administration Act, the federal government can make money to offset costs of its different services, but it needs Parliament's permission.
However, a report, released on September 11, 2015, concluded that although the initial advertising for constituency office assistants by the ND transition team raised a number of concerns, the timely intervention of former Speaker Gene Zwozdesky and the Government House Leader resulted in a recruitment and selection process consistent with the requirements of the Financial Administration Act, and the orders and directives of the Members' Services Committee.
Authorization for the initial funding was subject to a Financial Administration Act order by the federal government.
User fees were introduced into the medical devices licensing process with the issuance of the Medical Devices Fees Regulations on January 1, 1996, (11) and further, under the authority of the Department of Health Act, Section 8(1) (12) and the Financial Administration Act. (13) These fees were further developed within the Treasury Board Policy, Cost Recovery and Charging Policy, (14) and more recently on the 2004 User Fees Act (15) and the Treasury Board's 2004 Policy on Service Standards for External Fees.
The second part is the Financial Administration Act, which came into force April 1, 2005.
The Gomery Commission made heavy weather of its contention that deputy ministers should be accountable to the public accounts committee for the powers conferred on them under the Financial Administration Act. (10) It is not irrelevant that these powers are either delegated by the Treasury Board or subject to direction and approval by the Treasury Board.
The Public Accounts of Alberta are prepared in accordance with the Financial Administration Act and the "Government Accountability Act." The Public Accounts consist of the annual report of the Government of Alberta and the annual reports of each of the 24 ministries.
They will be asked to review the legislation that underpins comptrollership in the federal government, the Financial Administration Act, with a view to enhance compliance and clarify accountability of ministers, their political staff and public servants.
In accordance with the Financial Administration Act, an annual comprehensive report on the activities of all Crown corporations is submitted to Parliament.
Ainsi, le gouvernement a propose les projets de loi intitules Budget Transparency and Accountability Act et Tax-On-Income Act ainsi que des modifications a la Financial Administration Act et a la Financial Information Act.
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