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FÁSForas Áiseanna Saothair (Dublin, Ireland; National Training and Employment Authority)
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This requires trained and educated credit personnel, sophisticated financial analysis systems and management control procedures for credit decisions and establishment of credit limitations.
Nass previously served as controller for the relocation division of Merrill Lynch & Company, where he established and maintained accounting and financial analysis systems that are currently used as a standard within the real estate industry.
To cope with the credit decision-making risks in this day and age, and into the year 2000, the credit department must use updated financial analysis systems, and the analyst must have the technical knowledge to look beyond the financial statistics.
The use of technical financial analysis systems to analyze risk and cope with the downsizing factor.
In terms of technology, corporate real estate departments are utilizing data base management systems, packaged financial analysis systems, CAD systems and other tools which allow them immediate access to limitless information.
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