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FCOIFinancial Conflict of Interest
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To further lessen the conflict, he should only do a temporary surgery, just fix the problem enough to allow the patient to go to another surgeon who has no financial conflict of interest arising from the first surgeon's surgery recommendation.
Other requirements include having researchers complete training related to the regulations and their institution's financial conflict of interest policy and requiring institutions to make certain information about conflicts of interest among senior personnel accessible to the public.
Indeed, some professional associations have issued statements according to which failure to disclose a financial conflict of interests may constitute grounds for disciplinary action (20).
That brings us to these two questions: 1) Does your medical school academic medical center, or research institution have a financial conflict of interest looming in the background of its clinical trials activities?
Report on Individual and Institutional Financial Conflict of Interest.
Thomas Bodenheimer, a clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco charged that financial conflict of interest among researchers can "impact the practice of tens of thousands of physicians" who are guided by the research in treating millions of patients.
He must not have a personal financial conflict of interest with the company.
In-office sale of health-related products by physicians presents a financial conflict of interest, risks placing undue pressure on the patient, and threatens to erode patient trust and undermine the primary obligation of physicians to serve the interests of their patients before their own.
Wakefield was paid [pounds sterling]55,000 by the Legal Aid Board for his study of a possible link between autism and the MMR vaccine, a financial conflict of interest that also should have been disclosed.
Another proposed charter amendment would expand the definition of a financial conflict of interest for councilors and would require that the council enact a related code of ethics.
Furthermore, few politicians private-sector executives, or policy analysts then dared question the clinical autonomy of physicians, perhaps on the naive notion that modern medicine is a reasonably exact science and physicians could be trusted to apply that science to human suffering, without caving in to the financial conflict of interest inherent in fee-for-service medicine.
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