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FINFinancial Information
FINFinance Department (International Monetary Fund)
FINFederazione Italiana Nuoto (Italian: Italian Swimming Federation)
FINFingerprint Identification Number
FINFriend in Need
FINInput Frequency
FINFacility Identification Number
FINFédération des Industries Nautiques (French: Federation of Nautical Industries)
FINFederal Identification Number
FINFASB Interpretation Number
FINFinfishes (FAO fish species code)
FINFix It Now
FINFreedom to Innovate Network (Microsoft)
FINFleet Identification Number
FINField Information Notice
FINFactory Inspectorate Note (UK)
FINFord Interfaith Network
FINFunctional Identification Number
FINFondo Imperatrice Nuda contro la Sperimentazione Animale (Italian: Naked Empress Fund Against Animal Testing; Italy)
FINFinnair Oyj, Finland (ICAO code)
FINFisher Identification Number (Pacific region)
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They can inform them about the extent to which their personal and financial information will become public--and let them know that they must meet all the disclosure requirements of the bankruptcy statutes.
The added costs from having to use this complex hodgepodge of financial information can run in the tens of millions of dollars annually.
Related financial information within a company's financial reports can be easily acquired and integrated, and financial performance more effectively communicated to analysts and investors, as well as compared with others in the industry.
Improved internal flows of financial information can benefit strategic budget planning; make it easier to monitor monthly and quarterly financial documents; and speed the process of developing financial statements for internal and external use.
An electronic language is being developed that promises to make it easier for analysts and investors to get financial information about publicly traded insurance companies.
Provides key financial information of the company, sales and product ratio, revenue and income trend, stock performances for the most recently ended quarter, financial year across businesses, and product/service categories.
A compilation of pro forma financial information is limited to presenting financial information that is the representation of management (owners) without undertaking to express any assurance on that information.
Horowitz explains, "It's an eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based standard that permits the automatic exchange and reliable extraction of financial information across all software formats and technologies.
An XBRL Instance Document provides financial information in a machine-readable format.
RESOLVED: That the AICPA accounting and review services committee is hereby designated to promulgate standards under rules 201 and 202 with respect to unaudited financial statements or other unaudited financial information of an entity is not required to file financial statements with a regulatory agency in connection with the sale or trading of its securities in a public market.
In a recent interview, Berkley elaborated on the benefits of XBRL for both its listed companies and investors, such as how XBRL will provide equal access of financial information to more people.
Studies by the FEI Research Foundation examine a solution -- eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) -- and explain how financial executives can effectively address the need for financial transparency and create a level playing field for anyone to obtain financial information.
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