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FSNFederal Stock Number
FSNFonds Spécial du Nigéria (French: Nigeria Trust Fund)
FSNFamily Support Network
FSNFonds National pour la Société Numérique (French: National Fund for the Digital Society)
FSNFox Sports Network
FSNFood Safety Network (University of Guelph)
FSNFactory Serial Number (manufacturing tracking number)
FSNFondo Sanitario Nazionale (Italian: National Health Fund)
FSNForward Sequence Number
FSNFail Safe Network
FSNFile System Network
FSNFree Sites Network
FSNForeign Service National
FSNFinancial Sense Newshour (radio show)
FSNFull Service Network
FSNFate/Stay Night (visual novel)
FSNFédération Suisse de Natation (French: Swiss Swimming Federation)
FSNFinancial Safety Net
FSNFederatie Sloeproeien Nederland (Dutch rowing federation)
FSNFédération Suisse des Notaires (French: Swiss Federation of Notaries)
FSNForward Sequence Number (SS7 MTP Layer 2)
FSNFood Service Network (Japan)
FSNFrontul Salvarii Nationale (Romanian: National Rescue Front)
FSNFree Sites Network (domain registrar)
FSNFilter Smoke Number (engine test)
FSNFord Supplier Network
FSNFiscal Station Number
FSNFiber Security Network
FSNFreedom Song Network (San Francisco, CA)
FSNFrench-Speaking Nation
FSNFile Serial Number
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Despite the Arab differences, the Arab financial safety net to support the Palestinians in their struggle and show Israel's real face [to the world] will come at a lesser cost [for the Arab world] than leaving things as they are.
The report said emerging markets, including South Korea, strengthened a capability for responding to foreign funds outflow given the bigger size of emerging economies, the improved financial soundness and the financial safety nets, such as currency swaps with many partners.
Options include a global financial safety net (GFSN), a multitude of regional financial safety nets (RFSNs), domestic safety nets, or a combination of them.
Head of Savings at HSBC, Debbie Thomas, said As 91% of the population does not have their income protected by an insurance product, making sure you have a sufficient financial safety net is crucial.
statements regarding the required financial safety net that Arab states have
In 1999, Richmond Fed researchers attempted to assess the extent of the financial safety net and found that as much as 45 percent of financial sector liabilities were likely to enjoy perceived protection.
The BOK governor noted how previous regional efforts aimed at enhancing economic resilience against external shocks -- such as the Chiang Mai Initiative, a financial safety net -- have led to progress both in terms of quality and quantity.
In addition, this scheme is designed to protect deposits in the event of banks failing to commit to their responsibilities under any circumstances, which confirms the fact that the BDIS is an essential and important part of the financial safety net of any country.
These amendments are expected to fortify CMIM as the region's financial safety net in the event of any potential or actual liquidity difficulty," said the BSP in a statement.
Families in Wales are clearly concerned about their shrinking financial safety net.
In addition, Xi called on the participants to build the G20 platform into an important force for stabilizing the world economy, creating an international financial safety net and amending global economic governance.
This seems to tell us the consumer and small business person needs a financial safety net and wants over-draft service," Moebs said.
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