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FSNFederal Stock Number
FSNFonds Spécial du Nigéria (French: Nigeria Trust Fund)
FSNFamily Support Network
FSNFonds National pour la Société Numérique (French: National Fund for the Digital Society)
FSNFox Sports Network
FSNFood Safety Network (University of Guelph)
FSNFactory Serial Number (manufacturing tracking number)
FSNFondo Sanitario Nazionale (Italian: National Health Fund)
FSNFree Sites Network
FSNFile System Network
FSNFail Safe Network
FSNForward Sequence Number
FSNForeign Service National
FSNFinancial Sense Newshour (radio show)
FSNFull Service Network
FSNFate/Stay Night (visual novel)
FSNFédération Suisse de Natation (French: Swiss Swimming Federation)
FSNFinancial Safety Net
FSNFederatie Sloeproeien Nederland (Dutch rowing federation)
FSNFédération Suisse des Notaires (French: Swiss Federation of Notaries)
FSNForward Sequence Number (SS7 MTP Layer 2)
FSNFood Service Network (Japan)
FSNFrontul Salvarii Nationale (Romanian: National Rescue Front)
FSNFree Sites Network (domain registrar)
FSNFilter Smoke Number (engine test)
FSNFord Supplier Network
FSNFiscal Station Number
FSNFiber Security Network
FSNFreedom Song Network (San Francisco, CA)
FSNFrench-Speaking Nation
FSNFile Serial Number
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A second proposal was to establish better inter-regional cooperation by linking the ASEAN-led Chiang-Mai multilateralization (CMIM) initiative - whose goal, the ambassador explained, is to protect the Asian region from external shocks through financial and macroeconomic cooperation, with the Arab Monetary Fund as well as a regional Latin American financial safety net through the pooling of each institution's resources.
While 13% of people in the region surveyed have no savings at all to fall back on, and 16% have less than pounds 249 set aside as a financial safety net, said the survey by HSBC.
The ministers called on the member states to provide soft loans in the financial safety net by bilateral agreement with the State of Palestine, urging them to continue providing financial support or soft loans to shore up the infrastructure and development projects of Palestine.
In addition, this scheme is designed to protect deposits in the event of banks failing to commit to their responsibilities under any circumstances, which confirms the fact that the BDIS is an essential and important part of the financial safety net of any country.
Riyad al-Malki said al-Arabi would discuss the financial safety net pledged by the Arab League to the Palestinian Authority to ease the West Bank government's financial crisis.
"Part of this is focusing on a proper financial safety net for relegated clubs.
"Without a financial safety net, vital services for local people and communities will be at risk."
Around 21% of people admit they have no financial safety net in place to support them if they lost their job or were unable to work due to illness, while the average person has only enough money to last them for four weeks.
pounds AS unemployment hits 2.38 million, 16.3 million consumers are clinging on to at least two additional credit card accounts that they no longer use in what seems to be a desperate bid to retain a financial safety net. A survey by uSwitch.com reveals that these people are sitting on a total of 38 million unused credit cards with a total credit limit of pounds 200billion.
Stephen Haddrill, the ABI's director general, said: "In these uncertain times, insurance provides a vital financial safety net to steer individuals and families through the recession, as well as helping to provide long-term security.
The current expansion of the financial safety net that protects debtholders and depositors of financial institutions from losses began on March 15, 2008, with the bailout of Bear Stearns' creditors.
CAIRO, Sunday, June 22, 2019 (WAFA) -- The finance ministers of the Arab countries started today a meeting at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, to discuss the provision of a financial safety net to support the budget of the Palestinian government.
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