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FNFood Network (TV channel)
FNFront National
FNFunction (keyboard key, BASIC keyword)
FNFactory New
FNFinancial News
FNFirst Name
FNFirst Nation
FNFood and Nutrition (academic courses)
FNFight Night (video game)
FNFalse Negative
FNFile Number
FNFireman (Navy)
FNFireman (USCG, USN)
FNFabrique Nationale de Herstal (Belgian firearms manufacturer)
FNFormula Nippon (Japan)
FNForenede Nationer (Danish: United Nations)
FNFirst Night
FNForces Nouvelles (Côte d'Ivoire)
FNForente Nasjoner (UN)
FNFinancial Network
FNFeliz Navidad (Spanish: Merry Christmas)
FNFirst Notice
FNFabrique National (arms maker and its rifles)
FNFernando de Noronha (Brazil)
FNFebrile Neutropenia
FNForeign National
FNFinding Nemo (movie)
FNFowler-Nordheim (electronics)
FNFlat Nose (bullet)
FNFunctional Description
FNFeistel Network
FNFracture Numérique (French: Digital Divide)
FNFind Number
FNFocus Now (Texarkana, Texas)
FNFlight Nurse
FNFroude Number
FNForced Normalization
FNFakultetsnämnden (Swedish: Faculty Board)
FNFundación Natura (Spanish: Nature Foundation)
FNFORCEnet (US Navy)
FNFuzzy Navel (cocktail)
FNFog Nozzle
FNFuture Navy
FNFolder Navigation
FNFragged Nation (gaming website)
FNFaith Networks
FNFully Non-Reciprocal Method
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Using the above theorem it is possible to find number of exponentials N in signal (1).
In nearly all lands where there are Muslims one can find number of Shiites.
Users can also find number of employees, executive titles, and ownership status.
IT'S UNLIKELY THE NEW YORK METS will find Number 7 as lucky in the 2002 major league rookie sweepstakes as the Seattle Mariners did in last year's competition, but you've got to credit them for "rolling the dice."
It's also possible to test for excessive round numbers when an accountant wants to check for excessive estimating (perhaps royalty receivable schedules) and to test the last two digits to find number invention (perhaps in inventory counts).
Contract awarded for Play Tunnel,Preschool Stand Table,2-Station Sq Water Centre wif Lids,Outdoor Play Sand,Slit & Find Number Shells,Magnetic Alphabet Fishing Set,Sand & Water Play Set,Sieve,Sand Play Moulds,Catch-a-Cup,Sensory Ball Set,Sport Balls-Complete Set,Mini Soccer Ball Set,Junior Basketball,BeanBag Board wif Beanbags sets,Rainbow Sch Parachute,4-Rings basketball stand wif storage bag,Stilts,Soft Tennis,T-Ball Set,Hooks,Rubber Quoits,Tricyle,Plasma Car,Roller Racer,cones,cart,Balance set,ropes,foam mat etc
The inclusion of an index of objects arranged sequentially by find number (section 8) ensures that the reader who finds something interesting while browsing the illustrations can easily locate the appropriate description in the text.
He lamented that due to deteriorating IPRs situation in the country, one can easily find number two versions of almost every product in the market ranging from foodstuffs, tea, auto-parts, soft drinks, electrical appliances, perfumes, clothing, footwear, pesticides, washing powder, toothpaste, glassware, cosmetics, toys, sunglasses and even life-saving drugs.
The first such table, in the introduction, informs the reader that a find number may include many fragments.
As a result of the effective monitoring and call recording software developed, the number of fake emergency responses has been restricted to 0.01 % and the repeated irrelevant/obnoxious callers are blocked so that the emergency caller do not find number busy and can be provided timely help in case any emergency.