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F&RFair and Reasonable
F&RFindings and Recommendations
F&RFinance & Risk (insurance)
F&RFunctions and Responsibilities
F&RForecasting and Replenishment (SAP AG; supply chain management)
F&RFlow and Return (building services drawings)
F&RFire & Run (gaming group)
F&RFear and Respect (gaming)
F&RFormat and Restart (computers)
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National Assessment of Epidemiologic Capacity in maternal and child health: findings and recommendations. Atlanta, GA: Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists; 2002.
However, some of the concepts originated in the study (for example simulation-based acquisition) can be found in subsequent industry and government sponsored studies." So far, we have seen lots of findings and recommendations but no evidence of progress in addressing M & S issues.
Your findings and recommendations, however, will clearly demonstrate the need for making new efforts on the part of management.
"Meaningful findings and recommendations," which was ranked first by two of the three response groups, is certainly qualitative in nature.
At the conclusion of each meeting, findings and recommendations were presented to the whole group for discussion and critique.
The report, Chronic Disease Epidemiology Capacity: Findings and Recommendations, an update from the 2004 report (1), provides findings from the 2009 CSTE national assessment (2) and recommendations for improving capacity.
Chapter 2 summarizes the findings and recommendations of the curriculum and instruction team.
To balance what he feels has been uneven press coverage of the panel's findings and recommendations, O'Malley sat for a JofA interview to explain their significance and the reasoning behind them.
The referring physician needs a quick response with a summary of the findings and recommendations for treatment and/or follow-up.
The new findings and recommendations dovetail with recent reforms in peer review at the National Science Foundation (SN: 4/14/90, p.234) and find strong support in some quarters.
This report represents the findings and recommendations of the "Resolving the Digital Divide: Information, Access, and Opportunity" conference, the first in a series of conferences designed to provide feedback to the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) on issues of the digital divide.
* Follow up on known material findings and recommendations from previous audits.