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4FFingerprint Examination (police incident report; New Zealand)
4FDraftee Rejected for Being Physically Unfit
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When the case was called, the prosecution told the court that the fingerprint examination had been completed, but the report was not ready.
The suspect admitted to the shooting after the fingerprint examination results by Kritko identified him.
Indeed, few of the articles address the principles of fingerprint analysis and identification at all ..., (327) Third, "an error rate must be demonstrated by reliable scientific studies, not by assumption." (328) Fourth, "the government did not establish that there are objective standards in the fingerprint examination field to guide examiners in making their comparisons." (329) Fifth, while acknowledging general acceptance in the fingerprint community, the judge remarked that "[n]othing in the record in this case shows that the fingerprint examination community has challenged itself sufficiently or has been challenged in any real sense by outside scientists." (330)
Maria Lela Carado of the Philippine Crime Laboratory to conduct a fingerprint examination on Villariza's client on Wednesday.
"It is likely that eventually latent fingerprint examination will […] be automated," says Mnookin, "but the technology isn't yet adequate for that."
(84) Accepted as the primary method of identification for law enforcement purposes in Canada in 1908, (85) and judicially in the United States as early as 1911, (86) courts simply cited treatises on criminal investigation or general approval of science, and eventually other court decisions, for the proposition that the results of a fingerprint examination were admissible and reliable.
"We checked the CCTV footage and did the needful for fingerprint examination.
Jon is an expert in fingerprint examination and crime scene examination.
The Scotland Yard Fingerprint Examination and Impressions Examination kits are reduced from pounds 10.99 to pounds 7.99 and are suitable for children aged 10 and older.
For example, the $100 cost of a fingerprint examination is one one-thousandth of the cost of incarcerating a wrongly convicted felon who has been given the average sentence of almost five years.
Chemical imaging is a new latent fingerprint examination technique that combines molecular spectroscopy and digital imaging technology.
Det Con Rees, who had been appointed as scene manager at the Kelvin Road house, described how he had carried out a fingerprint examination of the kitchen and dining room in July 1999 and a vase in the dining room was the only item to show prints.