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FINEFull-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (printer technology)
FINEFinish Editing
FINEFine Is not Emacs
FINEFull Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering
FINEFine Is Not EMACS (70's vintage text editor for computer mainframes directly preceding contemporary Microsoft Word and WordPerfect)
FINEFreaked Out Insecure Neurotic and Emotional (Italian Job movie)
FINEFrantic, Insane, Nuts and Egotistical
FINEFaithful, Involved, Knowledgeable and Experienced (Alcoholics Anonymous chat slang)
FINEEuropean Federation of Nurse Educators (formerly Federation of International Nurse Educators)
FINEFeeling I’m Nothing to Everyone
FINEFault Injection and Monitoring Environment
FINEFeelings Inside Not Expressed
FINEFrustrated Insecure Neurotic Emotional
FINEFertility Information Network
FINEFeeling Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional
FINEFeeling Inadequate, Needing Encouragement
FINEFouled Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional (Aerosmith; polite form)
FINEFickle Insecure Neurotic and Emotional
FINEFoggy Insecure Neurotic Emotional
FINEFixed Installation NAIAD Equipment
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But documentary filmmaking is his first and abiding love and he is due to finish editing his latest, about the small Indiana town of Monrovia.
And there's to be no rest for the wicked (or at least the wickedly funny) as far as Gilbert's concerned, as the 47-year-old reveals he's currently en route to finish editing the imminent sixth season of Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience, the Bafta Cymru award-winning show which has taken up the lion's share of his down-time in between touring.
In a fortnight where I have had to finish editing a book (which began life as an 18-month project and ended up with a four-month deadline), both my sons decided to have a growth spurt meaning my evenings were spent between deleting words and adding in commas or pulling down hem lines on school trousers and adding on buttons.
But for weeks, that date has been considered impossible, as Scorsese rushes to finish editing the film.
Maria, a specialist tissue nurse on the Wirral, said: "His friends have promised to finish editing his film and The Teenage Cancer Trust have offered to screen it."
Polanski was arrested in Switzerland in 2009, which meant he actually had to finish editing the movie while in a Swiss prison.
Some 50percent of the movie has already been edited."I hope we can finish editing soon so we can get it into theaters quickly," said Qadir.
Now investment into Ms Gharavi's Bridge + Tunnel production company will allow Ms Gharavi to finish editing it and secure distribution.
"Caroline and I will get together when I finish editing this in the next few weeks and we will decide what we are going to write about."
He had to finish editing the film while in Swiss prison before being released on house arrest.
His arrest interrupted him as he was finishing post-production on the political thriller and he had to finish editing it while in prison before being granted house arrest.
Peshawar, June 30 (ANI): With a minidisk recorder in her hand, Asma rushes around in a small Peshawar studio, trying to finish editing a radio news bulletin so that she can make it back to her home before dark.