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However, while most finite difference techniques are obsolete, difference tables are still a clever and fast way to detect whether a number sequence is polynomial in nature, as Kok clearly demonstrates in Step 3 of his examples.
The explicit finite difference schemes are very easy to implement for similar higher-dimensional problems.
In order to solve the resulting nonlinear integro-differential equation, we develop an iterative scheme based on Newton-Raphson-Kantorovich method in function space [3, 28] combined with the standard finite difference method.
[1] established numerical continuation methods for the finite difference discretization of nonlinear two-point boundary value problems.
We solve the three-dimension advection-diffusion equation by using the forward in time, center in space (FTCS) finite difference method.
In this paper, we construct an adjoint data assimilation model using the characteristic finite difference (CFD) scheme which has high accuracy and enables large time steps.
Motivated by the results mentioned above, the aim of this paper is to establish some new and more general discrete Gronwall-Bellman type inequalities involving functions of three independent variables, which generalize and extend some existing results in [8, 17-19, 21, 22] and can be readily used as handy and powerful tools in the analysis of certain classes of partial finite difference and sum-difference equations.
Within the standard framework of the theory of finite difference methods, convergence of finite difference approximation of the Cauchy problems is proved under assumption of their well-posedness.
Mias, "Fast computation of the nonlocal boundary condition in finite difference parabolic equation radiowave propagation simulations," Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
The aim of this note was to prove the unconditional stability of the finite difference method proposed in [18], which will be accomplished by analyzing its amplification matrix (e.g., [19,20]).
Therefore, we will introduce a new combination of quadraturedifference method, namely, Composite Simpson's 1/3 rule with second-order finite difference (CSFD2), and it will be implemented to discretize Types 1 and 2 to generate a system of linear equations.
The widely used numerical methods in solving Bq systems are finite difference method, finite element method, and finite volume method.
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