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FAFirst Aid
FAFor Auction
FAFootball Association (England)
FAFootball Association (UK)
FAForeign Agent (network node)
FAFree Agent (baseball, football, etc.; player who may sign with any team)
FAFine Arts
FAFinancial Aid
FAFirma (German: company)
FAFire Alarm
FAFailure Analysis
FAFeatured Article (Wikimedia Foundation)
FAFinancial Advisor
FAFatty Acid
FAField Artillery
FAFamily Assistance
FAFactory Automation
FAFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
FAFirearms (half-life modification)
FAFallen Angel
FAFlight Attendant
FAFixed Assets
FAFunctional Area
FAFinance and Accounting
FAForever Alone
FAFinal Approach
FAFully Automatic
FAFirst Avenue (Arcadia, CA middle school)
FAFrente Amplio (Spanish: Broad Front; Uruguayan political party)
FAFramework Agreement (various organizations)
FAFalse Alarm
FAfractional anisotropy
FAFat Albert (fictional character)
FAFirst Article
FAFirst Ascent (climbing)
FAFinanzamt (German: revenue office)
FAArea Forecast (aviation)
FAFly Ash (mineral admixture for concrete)
FAFunctional Analysis
FAFull Armor (anime)
FAFactor Analysis
FAFinal Approval
FAFood Allergy
FAForced Air
FACertified Mail (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
FAFlash Animation
FAFamily Auto (car dealers)
FAFarm Aid
FAFiona Apple (singer)
FAFeasibility Assessment (US DoD)
FAFormic Acid
FAFocus Area
FAFanconi Anemia (form of aplastic anemia)
FAFinal Assembly
FAFunctional Assessment
FAFlorida Airsoft (gaming website)
FAFacility Agreement
FAFlame Arrestor (various companies)
FAFriends Always
FAFunction Analysis (product engineering / development tool)
FAFluorescein Angiography (retinal, choroidal and iris blood vessels testing)
FAFreight Allowed (shipping)
FAField Activities
FAFluorescent Antibody (laboratory virus testing)
FAFat Activism
FAFourier Analysis
FAFederal Agent
FAFarmers' Almanac
FAFinally Approved (sarcastic variation of Final Approval)
FAFame Academy (UK BBC series)
FAFund Accounting
FAFunds Allocated (USACE)
FAFiscal Agent (Medicaid)
FAFull Adder
FAFulvic Acid
FAForward Area
FAFinal Acceptance
FAFanny Adams
FAFat Admirer
FAFood Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (Woburn, MA)
FAFinancial Assurance
FAFeasibility Analysis
FAFrankford Arsenal (PA; ammunition headstamp)
FAFamily Allowance
FAFlash Arrestor (tool; aka Flashback Arrestor)
FAFaith Alive
FAFiber Adapter
FAFibrilacion Auricular (Spanish: Atrial Fibrillation)
FAFinancial Agent
FAFelonious Assault (law enforcement)
FAFur Affinity (web site)
FAFederal Association
FAField Assistance
FAForte Agent
FAFredericksburg Academy
FAFramework Approach
FAFinal Art (desktop publishing/printing/design; approved by client and ready to go to production)
FAFuel Assembly
FAFunctional Acknowledgment
FAFailure Alarm
FAFrontal Aviation
FAFaculty Assistant
FAFairchild Aircraft
FAFull Arc
FAFamilial Amyloidosis (abnormal protein deposit)
FAFlight-Critical Aft (US NASA)
FAForeign Assistance Act of 1961
FAFlight Aft
FAFireman Apprentice
FAFeudal Age
FAFrench Angora (rabbit)
FAFulbright Association
FAFreakin' A! (polite form)
FAFocus Alert
FAFlanking Attack
FAFuse Alarm
FAFijian Association (political party)
FAFunctional Allocation
FAForecast Analyst
FAFinal Alert (mapmaking program)
FAFunctional Administrator
FAFormal Advertising
FAFinance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation
FAFlexible Alerting
FAFibonacci Association
FAFactories Act 1961 (UK)
FAFiery Avenger (Everquest game)
FAFrankfort Arsenal (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
FAFighter Allocator
FAForced Answer
FAField Authorization
FAFluorescein Angiogramic Angiography
FAFenton's Approximation (Algorithm)
FAFriederich's Ataxia
FAFocus Amplifier
FAForce Analyzer
FAFrog Applause (comic strip)
FAForeign Military Affairs
FAFirst Aid/Medical Aid Station
FAFiliae Amatissimae (Latin: To (My) Beloved Daughter, epigraphy)
FAFury Assembly
FAFrequency Agile/Agility
FAFiche d'Anomalie (French: Error Report)
FAFederale Alliantie (Federal Alliance)
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Patti Smith, 4 nominations: Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple rocked harder than Smith, according to the Grammys, when Smith was nominated for best female rock vocal performance in two different years.
Unlike other joyful acceptance speeches, Fiona Apple gave a hard-hitting perspective in her acceptance speech after winning the Artist to Watch Award.
For her recent solo exhibition "Soft Colony" (its title a reference to a conversation between the artist and a white female writer who referred to herself in passing as a "soft colonizer," and to Williams's subsequent investigations into the ways in which women participate in their own subjugation), Kandis Williams showed a series of photomontages that directly compare Charcot's images of feminine "hysterics" with counterparts from the more recent past: Fiona Apple in languid repose in the music video for "Criminal"; Kate Bush leaping into the air like a bat on the back cover of a 1980 LP; a vampiric Sadie Frost hissing in Bram Stoker's Dracula--the list goes on.
Her inspiration and influences come from the likes of Tori Amos, Ray Lamontagne, En Vogue, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Trina, Lil' Kim, Talib Kweli and The Roots.
Then he started a podcast, WTF, which became widely popular and acclaimed, with celebrities from Jon Hamm to Fiona Apple making pilgrimages to his garage.
Audiam currently represents 100,000 compositions, including songs by George Gershwin, Elvis Presley, Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann and Phil Collins.
Check it out if you like: Intense artists like Fiona Apple, John Cale, and Nick Cave.
His girlfriend, Fiona Apple, bounced on one foot and bowed her legs throughout the couple's collaborative performance in New York last fall, but Mills, even as his long bangs bounced when he yanked the neck of his guitar, somehow seemed still.
Zambers'voice is one of her strongest assets, strong, pretty and husky, reminiscent of Aimee Mann or Fiona Apple, and it lends itself well to the acoustic love songs on her five-track EP.
I don't know who will be there but if I see my latest inspiration, Fiona Apple, I will probably faint," she said in an e- mail interaction, from Los Angeles.
It also helps matters that some of her musical friends - including Fiona Apple, Jackson Browne and Benmont Tench - make guest appearances on the CD.
And I've always loved Fiona Apple and Alanis Morissette.