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FIREXFire Extinguishing System
FIREXFiring Exercise
FIREXFree Flying Imaging Radar Experiment (NASA)
FIREXFar Infrared Experiment
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FIXED fire extinguishing systems can provide essential protection in commercial and industrial premises where fire risks are high, suppressing a fire in its incipient stages.
Electronic auction: installation of the fire extinguishing system, fire alarm and warning and evacuation control system in case of fire in the building of the branch of the fku "tax-service" of the federal tax service of russia in the kemerovo region, located at: kuznetskiy avenue, kemerovo, 70a
The pilots were alerted to an engine fire and activated the fire extinguishing system on board to bring the situation under control.
Contract notice: 20118-e7-0019 rostock university medical center new headquarters medical functions fire extinguishing system heliport 17e0251k
Electronic auction: auction in electronic form for the right to conclude a state contract for the maintenance of automatic fire alarm, warning and evacuation management system, fire extinguishing system, fire water supply system, and video surveillance system for gbuz "dgp no.
Electronic auction: provision of services for operation and maintenance of automatic fire alarm system installation, warning and control system for people evacuation in case of fire, automatic water fire extinguishing system, internal fire water supply system, proppant and smoke removal system in case of fire, fire damper
Electronic auction: maintenance of technical means of fire protection (automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems and warning of people about a fire) and restoration of working capacity of technical means of fire protection (automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems and fire warning) (current and minor repairs ) (hereinafter, if necessary, to and r tsppz)
9m) order for 110 fire extinguishing systems for the newly-built Grouft and Stafelter tunnels in Luxembourg.
Fire Eater, based in Hillerod, Denmark, is a leading European provider of gas-based fire extinguishing systems, and has specialised in developing, producing, designing, installing and maintaining fixed fire extinguishing systems around the world.
Both UTC - through its subsidiary Chubb - and Kidde are active in the fire protection sector, and the Commissions merger investigation looked in particular at the markets for portable fire extinguishers and for pre-installed fire extinguishing systems.
Tenders are invited for "Maintenance and servicing of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems of" Maritsa Iztok EAD ", in the following lots: Lot No 1 - Maintenance and servicing of fire alarm systems; Lot No 2 - Maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishing systems; Short description: Maintenance and servicing of fire-fighting systems and facilities of "Maritza-Iztok Mines" EAD.