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FRRFree Registration Required
FRRFurniture Row Racing (team; Colorado)
FRRFlint River Ranch (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
FRRFalse Rejection Rate (biometrics)
FRRFast Re-Route
FRRFalse Rejection Rate
FRRFree Rasalhague Republic (gaming)
FRRFast Reroute (MPLS protection scheme)
FRRFinancial Risk Rating
FRRFlight Readiness Review
FRRFonds de Réserve pour les Retraites (French: Pension Reserve Fund)
FRRFloating Reference Rate (finance)
FRRFrequency Restoration Reserve (power grids; various locations)
FRRFinancial Reporting Release
FRRFire Resistance Rating
FRRFusion Rock Radio (online radio)
FRRFree Range Router (open-source software)
FRRFront Royal, Virginia
FRRFacility Repair and Renewal (US Army program)
FRRFinancial Reporting Requirements
FRRFirst Right of Refusal
FRRFunctional Readiness Review
FRRFunctional Recovery Routine
FRRFiber Reinforced Rubber
FRRFunctional Requirements Review
FRRField Return Rate (quality control)
FRRFinancial Restructuring and Recovery (finance)
FRRFacility Risk Rating
FRRFuel Return Rate
FRRForward Resource Reservation
FRRField Reduction Region
FRRFull Reimbursement Rate
FRRFitted For Radio
FRRField Revision Request
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Paintwork and fire retardant coating with a fire resistance rating of E15 (with regard to consumption according to the technical regulations of the manufacturer) - a painted area of 754 m2.
According to the Council, "The IBC now requires that buildings 420 feet and higher have a minimum 3-hour structural fire resistance rating." This increases the previous fire resistance requirement by 1 hour.
The panels have been tested to Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) standards, with a 150mm-thick FireMaster WallPlus panel achieving a two-hour fire resistance rating. The Wall and Wallplus panels are available in lengths of 2m-15m, in widths of 600mm-1150mm and in thicknesses of 60mm-175mm (up to 150mm for WallPlus).
One of the conclusions of the fire resistance rating of thousands that have established an alternative escape route from the 2nd floor of the wing D.
The employ of these expressions lays the basis for the prediction of fire resistance ratings of structures to a great extent.
The requirements for fire resistance ratings, fireproofing and the inclusion of sprinklers is more stringent in the city than the suburbs.
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