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FSRSFire Suppression Rating Schedule (ISO)
FSRSFederal Science Repository Service (US Department of Commerce)
FSRSFudbalski Savez Republike Srpske (Football Association of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka)
FSRSFair-Share Remote Scheduling
FSRSFusion Streamer Remote Software (Honeywell)
FSRSFrequency Selective Receiver System
FSRSFunctional Security Requirements Specifications
FSRSFisherman and Scientists Research Society
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In addition, ISO (Insurance Services Office) analyzes information from its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) to assign Public Protection Classifications (PPCTM) to almost 47,000 fire protection areas across the country--recognizing the efforts of communities to provide fire protection services in three major areas: emergency fire communications, water supply, and the fire department.
ISO uses a manual, called the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, to review the firefighting capabilities of each community.
That program became the industry's nationwide Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. Rare is the policy written today--personal or commercial--that does not take into account the ISO classification, which evaluates the water supply, fire department and fire-alarm system of the community where the risk is located.