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FTTFlush the Toilet
FTTFree to Talk
FTTFirst-Tier Tribunal (UK taxes)
FTTFree Trade Treaty
FTTFinancial Transactions Tax (various locations)
FTTFull Talk Time (telecommunications)
FTTFaerie Tale Theatre (TV)
FTTFailure To Thrive
FTTFedora Technical Team
FTTFloating Point Trap Type
FTTFree to Try
FTTFédération Tunisienne de Tennis (French: Tunisian Tennis Federation; Tunisia)
FTTFitness to Teach (various organizations)
FTTFauteuil Tout Terrain (French: All Terrain Wheelchair)
FTTFair Trade Towns
FTTFizika Tverdogo Tela (Russian: Solid State Physics; journal)
FTTFood and Textile Technology (course; various locations)
FTTFacilité Temporaire de Trésorerie (French: Easy Temporary Cash)
FTTFédération Tahitienne de Tennis (French: Tahitian Federation of Tennis; Tahiti)
FTTFree Territory of Trieste (European state)
FTTForeign Travel Tax (India)
FTTFast Track Technologies
FTTFailure to Train
FTTFirst Time Through
FTTFull-Time Temporary
FTTFischer-Tropsch Type (catalytic process)
FTTFire This Time (Canadian newspaper)
FTTField Tactical Trainer
FTTForward Travel Time (US Air Force)
FTTFlorida Turbine Technologies, Inc. (Jupiter, FL)
FTTFever Therapy Tehnician (US Navy)
FTTFrance Transfert Technologies (France)
FTTFriday the Thirteenth (movie)
FTTForum Toulouse Technologies (French: Toulouse Technologies Forum; Toulouse, France)
FTTField Training Team
FTTFox Tales Times (fetish website)
FTTField Test Telescope (DELTA)
FTTFile Transfer Time
FTTFactory Trained Technician
FTTFunctional Threat Test
FTTFuel Temperature Test
FTTFahrenheit Total Temperature (steam ejector/condenser design)
FTTFinite-Termination Theorem
FTTFrank's Toothache Tincture
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com/tvshows/shots-fired/episode-6-season-1/hour-6-the-fire-this-time/862870/) synopsis for next week's episode, titled "Hour 6: The Fire This Time," Ashe and Preston confront Governor Eamons (Helen Hunt) about Arlen's potential connection to Joey's death.
In order to appeal to young women and present activism as something quite new and different for this generation, both The Fire This Time and Grassroots seem to have initially distanced themselves from anti-violence activism, suggesting it was "old hat," before they could move on to including it in examples of powerful new forms of young feminists' activism.
In The Fire This Time we learn of feminists organizing against violence: as women defying the prison-industrial complex and the staggering increase in the number of girls and women caught up in the criminal justice system; in relation to organizing domestic workers who suffer high rates of emotional and physical abuse; in relation to protesting corporate globalization; and even by making violence against women a topic for hip-hop theater.
The Fire This Time makes room for many different definitions and identities of feminism, though always emphasizing the interconnectedness of issues and the need for multiracial, multi-issue, and multi-cultural work.
Both The Fire This Time and Grassroots aim to create and reflect more inclusive feminist movements in which young women's voices are heard and the activism is relevant.
While both The Fire This Time and Grassroots appear to be calling for feminisms more inclusive of young women, I think the actual challenge is to build more multigenerational movements and develop a deeper understanding of the interconnections of issues identified as crucial by women of different ages and at different historical moments.
The Fire This Time will undoubtedly be the book that finds its way into the most women's studies and feminist classrooms, because of the urgency and freshness of what it has to say, the high quality of many of the essays, and the fact that the topics lend themselves to the widest range of courses.
I urge every reader to see how the issues they care about are represented in The Fire This Time.
Filmmaker Mark Mori, an Academy Award nominee, spoke for the group, denouncing KCET's refusal to broadcast three documentaries about police repression in Los Angeles: The Fire This Time, State of Emergency: Inside the LAPD, and Por La Vida, Street Vending and the Criminalization of Latinos.
The Fire This Time, which was widely acclaimed when it aired in San Francisco examines the causes of the 1992 L.
Might not books like The Fire This Time serve as the basis for a serious discussion of issues before similar U.