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FARSFire and Rescue Service (various locations)
FARSFatality Analysis Reporting System (formerly Fatal Accident Reporting System; tracks fatal motor vehicle crashes on US public roads)
FARSFinancial Accounting Records System
FARSFatal Accident Reporting System
FARSFinancial Accounting Research System
FARSFan-Aspirated Radiation Shield (temperature sensing)
FARSFinancial Accounting and Reporting System
FARSFederation of Artistic Roller Skating (UK)
FARSFar-Field Analysis of Radiation Sources
FARSField Army Replacement System
FARSFlight Assurance Review System
FARSFood Allergy Relief Sharing
FARSFunctional Area Requirements Specification
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In 2012, a new category was created for the fire and rescue services to report "bariatric rescues" involving obese patients.
I cannot see any reason for the Government doing this other than to empower PCCs to take control of the fire and rescue service as well as the police," he said.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "Officers at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service have already started making preparations and liaising with partners to introduce these changes in April and to ensure that there is an effective campaign to raise awareness amongst the public and to minimise any confusion and risk.
And the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has seen an increase in the number of animalrelated callouts, due to improved relations with the RSPCA and greater public awareness.
He said the Staffordshire service had been recognised as one of the best fire and rescue services in the country by the Audit Commission and Communities and Local Government.
One recent report shows the fire and rescue service respond to nearly 50,000 hoax calls a year, costing pounds 230,000 a day.
The contract is reported to be valued at over GBP2m, funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) Fire and Rescue Service Directorate.
Dave Pemberton, for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Warwickshire's Fire and Rescue Service is committed to working with young people within the local community and we want to encourage as many young people as possible into the service.
com @Andrew_Examiner WEST Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service has been equipped with new power boats and other kit to improve its ability to respond to serious floods.
The area served by Northumbria Police has two fire services - Tyne and Wear, which serves Sunderland, Gateshead, Newcastle and North and South Tyneside, and Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service.
THE Government has dismissed fears that cutting funding for Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service by PS2m will put the public at risk.
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