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FOUOFire of Unknown Origin (Blue Oyster Cult album)
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The fire of unknown origin (FOUO) stands as the most challenging of these emergencies, especially when operating down low.
A fire of unknown origin destroyed an abandoned house and burned an adjacent commercial building in the 100 block of Northeast First Street sometime Saturday night or early Sunday, Newport Fire Department officials reported.
A fire of unknown origin gobbled up the entire Hall of Justice building in Cagayan De Oro City last Feb.
Fire of unknown origin razed houses, mosques and even bancas in Rio Hondo and Mariki.
TEMPLETON -- A brush fire of unknown origin scorched about six acres of woods off Route 202 Tuesday morning.
I'm thinking Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Metallica and The Wildhearts or, even better, a set of Blue Oyster Cult favourites: The Red And The Black, Godzilla, Fire Of Unknown Origin, Dominance And Submission, Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll, Veteran Of The Psychic Wars.
The fire of unknown origin in the pure oxygen atmosphere of the cabin had been so intense, the spacesuits of Grissom and White had melted and fused together.
2003 Tennessee Fire of unknown origin resulted in 15 deaths from smoke inhalation, including the mother of a senior local fire official.
The government rejected the missile theory and said the Boeing 747 jumbo jet was destroyed by a fuel tank fire of unknown origin.
SAN ANTONIO -- A two-hour fire of unknown origin swept through the municipal hall here shortly after midnight Friday, destroying equipment and election materials stored there.